Sunday, 14 July 2013

Uses Of Lemongrass Essential Oil (My experience)

When I got this essential oil from Fab India almost a year ago... I was just not aware of all its uses... I got it to make DIY talcum for my baby and I use it while I take bath, No doubt its fragrance is too good and lasts quite long...

Then I experiment with it and at times it turned well.

First experiment I did turned very bad...I mixed 3 drops of this essential oil in 1tbsp of yogurt...remember my yogurt mask ..I apply yogurt daily...but this experiment turned awful... it irritated my skin badly; it got red because 1 tbsp yogurt is very less and lemongrass essential oil is strong...

So here I am sharing how to use lemongrass essential oil (coz some experiment turned good as well):
Lemongrass essential oil is famous for its anti bacterial, anti microbial and astringent properties and it’s widely used for aromatherapy...

It’s really good for oily skin because of its astringent properties...

I mixed it in my moisturizer (rustic art aloe gel) and my skin was less oily and even I mix it to my bath and I think that also helps to reduce my oiliness and stickiness of skin and hair.

I mixed it in almond oil; it can be mixed with any hair oil...

I couldn’t see a huge difference in my hair other than less stickiness and little volume but my husband is also using it and he is having dandruff as per him his dandruff has reduced to a great extent...

Because of it antibacterial properties it’s great for reducing inflammation and also itching in this summers...I somewhere read it also helps to reduce urinary tracts.

These were the few ways I have tried to use lemongrass essential oil…hope you like this post and it could do some help to use essential oils.

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  1. Ooh - I have quite oily skin, but find commercial products dry it out TOO much, might have to try! Thanks for sharing.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

    1. you can try this paula .. it isgood for oily skin .. you can also use it as astringent mixing it with rose water

  2. I will surely try it Punam....same oiliness I face :)

  3. useful post I will get this oil soon thanks Poonam :)

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