Saturday, 4 February 2012

How to Clean Your Lips ?

Lips have more delicate skin than our face; it requires special care .I never let my face wash to reach my lips.As I want to keep my lips away from such chemicals that dry my lips. But our lips also requires the same care as our face & body.

So, how to clean lips ?

Ok we do have many makeup removers to remove lipsticks & all, but I don’t prefer to use them daily , as i dont apply lipsticks daily. Here are some homemade remedies I do to clean my lips:-

·         Apply raw milk & scrub my lips when it dries, this not only work as cleanser but also helps in exfoliating my lips.
·         Clean lips with any oil like baby oil or almond oil or olive oil, even peppermint oil is very good for lips.
·         I wipe my lips with cotton ball dipped in rose water to clean them.

Have You Tried This? Then share your experience.......

Keep Smiling & be beautiful with me :)


  1. This is fact that i have never cleaned my lips..i right away used baby oil n it literally worked..Thanks a lot for wonderful tip.Ritz