Monday, 26 March 2012

VLCC Skin Defense Lavang Moisturizer (product review)

Hello friends! Sorry for a long break, seems it’s been ages to write on my blog but I am back with more refreshed mood & energy. I was on a long vacation, had parties’ & did everything I enjoy.
Today I am reviewing vlcc lavang moisturizer from skin defense range.
Price :115 INR.

Company’s claim: This Moisturizer with herbal extract of neem & clove oil helps in controlling acne & excessive sebum secretion,leaving skin non-greasy ,smooth & radiant.

Ingredients :

It’s main ingredients are cloves & neem.Clove is recognized as an effective antiseptic and anesthetic when applied topically to the skin. Neem have antibacterial, anti inflammatory & anti fungal properties. 
My skin type: oily
My experience: I am starting with its fragrance which is really very strong it brought tears in my eyes, but after few minutes it gets light.
I have to press the bottle to take it out, at times it’s insufficient & at times more than what I required, this thing irritates me.
It moisturizes my skin quite well leaving a little dewiness; my skin feels smooth & soft for long. But I feel very sweaty on my nose after applying it. It does control oil to some extent for some hours but not good at controlling acne. I have to blend it for a while to settle it down otherwise it makes my face greasy.
So, this moisturizer was disappointing L coz neither it controls oil very well nor does it controls acne to any extent.

Have You Tried This ,Then Please Share your Experience.
Keep Smiling & Be beautiful with me :)


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