Friday, 17 August 2012

L'oreal Professionnel Volume Expand Shampoo(product review)

My hair is thin & oily, for this I try to choose shampoo that can add some volume to my hair & remove excess oil. With this hope I brought this shampoo.
Price: 450 INR

Company’s claim: Volumising shampoo for fine hair. Formulated with mineral calcium. Helps to provide hair with added body & bounce for enhanced volume.
My Experience:  Most of the salon I visited either suggest me to use schwarzkopf or l’oreal shampoo. And this is why I give a try to this shampoo. But my experience with this shampoo wasn’t that good the much I was expecting as it made my hair rough & dry. After shampoo I normally drape my hair in a cotton turban towel & open them after some time & I did the same after using this shampoo, and guess what I saw? Lots & lots of hair in it.:(
I followed this shampoo with conditioner many times to see some good result & even try to use it little less in quantity as this is probably the thickest shampoo that I’ve ever tried, I always mix it with some water before using. But every time I was disappointed.
After using it my hair falls badly. Even my hubby used it few times & he has the same experience.
Though I like L'oreal makeup products a lot but the first experience ever with a hair care product from the L’Oreal professionnel wasn’t good for my hair.
So for me the purpose to buy this shampoo was not fulfilled. Instead of adding some volume to my hair it subtracts my hair.  J it’s sad.

Well this was my experience with this shampoo.
Have you tried this ? then please share your experience...

Keep Smiling & be beautiful :)


  1. hey are you???
    I remember that you sent me msgs on fb na?? I am not well these days so not checking mails regularly...sorry yaar!!! will check out the mail abhi :)

  2. @swati murti : i havn't mailed u anything yet i was asking u that hw shud v start?

  3. If its a volumizing shampoo as claimed by the can it provide hair loss.. *confused* i was thinking of buying this product today but your review has got me in a dilemma..i dont know which product to buy now for my hair..i was thinking that this was the right one.