Saturday, 18 August 2012

Lotus Tea Tree Face Wash (product review)

I generally use Neutrogena acne wash for my acne prone oily skin but last winters I gave a try to this face wash coz earlier one was making my skin little dry.
Price: 125 INR
Quantity: 80g
(sorry for the image )
Its main ingredients are tea tree & cinnamon. And both these ingredients are potent anti fungal & anti bacterial ingredient that helps in reducing acne & lighten spots. wowww:)
My experience:
It cleanses my skin very well by removing dirt & excess oil thoroughly.  
It’s a transparent gel kind face wash with tiny & soft granules in it which also helps in exfoliation.
It doesn’t makes my skin too dry because it doesn’t form lather I think it’s soap free (greatJ)   but I do feel little sticky on the corners of my lips & at times I felt it leaves a film behind if I wash my face in hurry or with cold water. (I normally wash my face with Luke warm water as I read some where it helps in controlling oil)
Its smell is very light & natural.
Conclusion: Overall I liked it as it controls my oil & I rarely had breakout using it. The only thing I didn’t like is a sticky feel on some parts of my face but that is not an issue if I wash my face with Luke warm water. I think it’s good for oily & combination skin.
Have you tried this ? then please share your experience...
Keep smiling& be beautiful ..:)