Friday, 14 December 2012

Garnier Pure Active Pore Unclogging Face Wash(product review)

be beautiful with punam

Hello friends I am back after a long break. And today I am reviewing Garnier pore unclogging face wash that I have been using from last 20 days.
Price: 79 INR for 50 g (very affordable)

be beautiful with punam

My experience: I took it with me while travelling coz I thought it might be travel friendly as my earlier face wash is in bottle form with a pump dispenser & as you can see this one is in tube form.
But I was wrong this one was also not very travel friendly as it used to leak even when I closed the cap tightly.
Well coming to its effect, I would say it is nice coz it cleanses my face very well without leaving any residue. I wanted to remove my make up so instead of using any make up remover I used this face wash & it showed good results, cleansed almost everything other than mascara.
In Bhopal it’s little cold but I never felt over dry or stretched after using this but then too I never forget to use my moisturizer. (I have oily skin)
I can not say a lot about its acne controlling or reducing effect as I am using some other products as well for my acne. But I never had any new acne while using this & even I could see less blackheads, I can say it cleanses face deeply making it bright.
It smells beautiful; Just like mint & it’s runny in consistency.
It comes with tiny granules that may help in exfoliation.
It lathers well with little quantity & this tube last a long way.
Overall it’s a good face wash that cleanses face deeply but the only con is packaging.
Have you tried this face wash ? Then please share your experience with me.
Keep smiling & be beautiful with me :)

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