Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Aloe Vera Natural Hair Conditioner

Dry & rough hair is a common problem these days & after shampooing hair begins to lose moisture and is prone to pollutants. Hair, when exposed to various pollutants, harsh winds and sun tends to become brittle & dry.  To rectify this hair should be moisturized, given a sheen and should be conditioned.

And Aloe Vera is a great option to be used as a conditioner. Likewise aloe vera should be used as a wash off conditioner, even though it can be used as leave on conditioner but i found it very sticky and is difficult to manage.
So, use Aloe vera along with citrus fruits this give a very shiny soft effect.

How to prepare this conditioner:
Squeeze one lemon into the bowl & add some Aloe Vera gel in it .Now add few drops of your favorite essential oil, this will give you a personal scent feeling.
Mix all the ingredients & use this as a conditioner after shampoo & rinse thoroughly.

Keep Smiling & be beautiful with me :)


  1. Nice post Punam. Do u use natural aloe vera gel or the one available in markets?

    1. thanks megha: I have tried it both ways.. i found patanjali aloe vera gel really nice and natural aloe vera gel is also good but bit irritating to use .. but if its mixed with honey its little easy to use

  2. Aloe Vera is actually a great way to treat dry or damaged hair, increase volume and shine, and even enhance the softness of your hair. It will give softness the hair and stimulate hair growth. Conditioner is very useful for smooth and shiny hairs.