Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash (Product Review)

Today I am sharing my experience with one of the best face wash I have ever used for my oily acne prone skin i.e.” Neutrogena oil free acne wash”. I always wanted something that can help me to reduce my acne without doing many efforts & keep my skin oil free for long. And then I got this miracle for my skin. Thanks to Neutrogena.

Price: 350rs
Quantity: 175ml
 This one bottle last me some 4-5 months even when I used to wash my face 2-3 times a day because just a pea size is enough to wash your face.
Company’s claim: Neutrogena oil free acne wash is an alcohol free cleanser that provides deep cleaning without over drying your skin. It penetrates deep to clean pores to help prevent pimples by removing excess oil & surface build up. Special ingredients soothe & condition skin, leaving it clean, residue free & never oily.

Ingredients :


Its main ingredient is salicylic acid, which has following properties –
Anti –inflammatory
Anti irritant
Salicylic acid encourages the shedding of dead skin cells from within the follicle, helping keep the pores clear of cellular debris. In this way, it reduces the number of pore blockages and breakouts on the skin.
My experience with the product:
 I first bought this product, I was excited to try it and see the ‘magic’ ASAP. While I showered, I applied it to my face as instructed and washed it off to the feeling of smooth skin. I was ecstatic that I ALREADY felt a difference. After washing my face with this I wipe my face with rose water & my cotton ball was absolutely clean. My face was oil free for at least 4 hrs after that I just had a bit of shine on my face.
 It isn’t over drying for my oily skin but in winters I do feel like applying moisturizer after it.

 With the regular use in a very short span of time I can see it reduces my existing acne & reduces the formation of new acne & blackheads to an extent. So the claim of brand is all true here. I can say all this with some confidence because this is my second bottle .
Since I have started using it I never had breakout, except once when for 2 days I dint wash my face before going to bed. So this was my entire fault
This product is not only for oily skin but for all who are facing the problem of acne.
Easy to use pump & bottle is very handy
Oops about the product:
If over lathered or over used it may over dry skin , especially normal & dry skinned people may feel bit chapped & tight after using it but gradually one can know the proper quantity  for there skin type .
Keep smiling J to be beautiful


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