Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Winter Skin Care

Winter is just not about warm clothes, snuggling close to the pillows wrapped from head to toe in a comfy quilt.It is time to battle the cold winds that hampers your skin .Because your skin is the first one to feel the sign of winter. By little care let’s get prepared this winter to keep wintry troubles at bay…..

 So here are 10 things you must do this winter -

1. Drink water

 Generally water intake reduces during winter but a good amount of water helps in retaining the moisture of your skin as well keeping skin disorders at bay. Hydrate your skin within. Herbal tea is also great when it’s really cold. .

2. Exfoliate …

Exfoliate your body to remove dead skin cells. Add this to your cleansing routine at least once a week. Not only you’ll feel fresh but your skin will be free from all that old dry cells. Now you’re ready to moisturize your skin!

3. Don’t forget to moisturize …

Moisturizers and cold creams are a must in the winters. If you have dry skin moisten your skin with a good creamy hand and body lotion or a oil based moisturizer.
"You have to put on moisturizer when your skin is still damp," That way, the moisturizer is trapping the moisture still on your skin." Your skin shouldn't be sopping wet -- just pat yourself dry with a towel and put it on. 
One myth that I want to clear is that oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturized. Oily skins also need to be moisturized. Regular use of a moisturizer is important, even for those with acne. Remember, nearly all acne treatment products dry the skin to some extent. To avoid flaking and peeling skin, moisturizer is a must.
But don't slather on a greasy product. Instead, choose a moisturizing gel or lotion. They are lighter than products labeled moisturizing cream. Whatever moisturizer you choose, be sure it is specific for oily skin & marked Non-comedogenic. Non-comedogenic products are less likely to cause pore blockages.
4. Sunscreen …
It's cold in winter, so you don't need sunscreen, right?  Wrong. Actually, you need it more. In the winter, the sun is closer to the earth and its rays are even stronger. Although it's true that you're outside for less time and are more bundled up when you are, but your face and hands are still exposed to harmful rays. Alternatively, choose a product that combines a sunscreen with a moisturizer.

5. Gloves …

It’s simple but it works! Why expose your hands to the cold. Choose a good quality pair that does not irritate the skin. If you’re allergic to wool, wear a cotton mitten underneath. It will help keep your hands dry and warm.

6. Oil bath …

Now how does jojoba oil or sweet almond bath sound to you? Relaxing isn’t it! Nourish you skin by adding a few drops of these oils into your every day bath. It will do wonders for your skin or pamper you skin with a little coconut oil massage before bath to heal dryness and chaps.

7. No blow dry …

Yes, sadly so. The blow drier is not your friend in winter. Try the tousled look or the wavy style this winter. Hot air dries out your scalp and can irritate your skin as well. So give the blow drier a miss this cold season.

8. Don’t lick …

… your lips. If you do, you’ll only chap your lips even more. Keep a lip balm in your purse and apply it when you’re tempted! Butter is effective in curing chapped lips and renders an extra softness.

9. Food that nourishes

Your skin texture depends not only on external treatments, but also on the intake. A poor diet lacking in essential vitamins and minerals will show signs, such as flaky skin. Few fruits & veggies can help you -

Add Essential fatty acids such omega 3 like oily fish, If fish isn’t your thing, look for flaxseed, avocado, and walnuts.

 Taking a supplement, such as evening primrose oil - and fish oils won't hurt either and could possibly help the skin's barrier.

Beyond drinking water, eat fruits and veggies that have high-water content like apples, oranges, pineapple, celery, and don’t forget to add cucumbers, carrots, yogurt, and almonds.

AND 10
Be happy & keep smiling … that’s the biggest secret to be beautiful……. J

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