Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Home Made Dry Shampoo Recipe

If you don’t have time to wash your hair frequently or feeling lazy in cozy winters to shampoo , what are you going to do ? Will leave them greasy & oily???

Not now as I am here telling you some dry shampoo to remove that oil from hair…

Mix grounded Oatmeal,
Baking soda &
Corn starch in equal quantity

dan tanan  …..

And you dry shampoo is ready.

You can also apply plain baking soda or corn starch individually as a dry shampoo.I experienced that when my hair are not too oily these ingredients do a decent job.

Method to apply:
Apply it to your scalp /roots of hair just like you apply oil & run your fingers through the length of your hair & then brush your hair.
You can use pepper sprinkler or talcum like container to store this mixture because it’s easy to sprinkle. But never use talcum as dry shampoo.
Ok I read a lot about baby talcum or any other talcum as a dry shampoo.I tried it many times  but this never worked for me & I am always left with some whiteness and it took a long time to brush to remove that whiteness of talc & then also I never get rid of that dirt & oil. Above all the next day when I wash, my scalp is very sticky & dirtier, so I would suggest never use talcum.

With this recipe you can get rid of greasiness of your hair as it'll absorb oil from your hair.

Have you tried this then let me know how it worked for you.

Keep Smiling & Be Beautiful With Me :)


  1. hey Punam...great post but baking soda and corn starch both are drying!!! and, btw, try mixing rice flour next time...its better than corn starch!!!

  2. be beautiful with punam20 December 2011 at 22:30

    @swati murti : hey swati thank you so much dear , i am honoured to have your comment ,i forgot to mention that i have very oily hair n i need to wash them every alternate day so it worked for me but i never tried rice flour on hair i tried on my face & its really good. i'll try it n hair . thanks swati

  3. please do not be honored coz I am your reader :D and do try it on hair and tell me how it works...I have dry hair so really makes no sense to have a dry shampoo but I shall try it out sometime in the summers!!!