Thursday, 22 December 2011

Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion(product review)

Price: 140 INR for 250 ml

These days dove is my favorite brand when I am worried of dryness, whether its for hair or for my skin .That’s why I can’t resist myself trying dove‘s new body lotion. 

Its main ingredient is "shea butter (butyrspermum parkii butter)" which is rich in many vitamins like A, E, F & its known for giving hydrated skin & repair damaged dry skin as well.
It also contains ingredients like" Stearic acid" that helps skin to retain moisture and to stay flexible & it contain "Helianthus annus hybrid oil" that is soothing & calming for dry skin& it’s derived from sunflower.

My experience:
My palms were feeling very dry not only coz of winters but I wash them number of times & use sanitizer very often which also leads to dryness in skin & when I apply this lotion before going to bed immediately I could feel softness in my skin & it leaves my hands with a glow.
Its texture is quite thick like creams, it never gives stain on my cloth & neither it's sticky nor greasy rather it spreads easily & absorbs in to skin quickly leaving behind a coconut chocolate like smell.
It does relieve my skin from dryness & gives a very soothing, smooth effect that last till morning. Though it doesn’t give supple soft skin but I am satisfied coz it gives me smooth & soft skin with quite a good staying power of 8-10 hours even in this cooling winters with temprature of 11-14 degrees.  
I rate 9on 10 to this body lotion as it’s really helping to relieve my dry skin.

Have you tried this? Then please share your experience.

Keep Smiling & Be Beautiful With Me J


  1. oh are these the new dove lotions the ads of which come on the tv???? I definitely want to try this but I have one or two bottles of others to finish :)

  2. hey swati try this out when you are done with your other lotions ,as its really working great even in delhi's winter,kept my skin all soft even in dry winds when i was travelling keeping my car window all open

  3. ya its the same lotion ,even i got tempted seeing the add only ,