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Home Made Talcum Powder (Baby Skin Care)

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Babies have very soft & delicate skin. I always want to protect my baby from everything bad in this world & everything that is harsh for her skin.I know it’s quite difficult to do this but I am trying as much as I can & I started this by using natural, home made & organic products for her skin.

Little babies are most of the time in diaper & every time I change my baby’s diaper I need to apply some talc, so I decided to use home made talc, which is fragrant as well.Coz talc is the only product used very frequently on babies & I heard a lot about harms of talc.

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Baking Soda
Lemon grass essential oil

I take baking soda & add few drops of lemon grass essential oil in it .It is still in powder form even with essential oil added, so you can easily use it.

Put it in jar or old talcum bottle or baby’s puff box & dab it whenever you need. It worked well but for a short while & I had to reply it, but that’s fine with babies as I have to reapply talc every time I change her diaper , when i am dressing the baby after bath & when taking her on walk.

It didn’t work for long on underarms when my baby is perspiring a lot (coz she runs a lot) & it also leave some stains on her dark clothes. I also tried this on my under arms & it worked quite well till evening, which is not bad but not on those days when I am perspiring a lot.

Why baking soda:

It will help in keeping skin dry & itch free
Baking soda absorbs both moisture & smell.

However, I have noticed it didn’t work for long on underarms when my baby is perspiring a lot & it also leave some stains on her dark clothes. It was slightly rough for skin & due to this reason I tried one more DIY/home made talc that I will share with you all soon.

Have you tried this? Then please share your experience.
Keep smiling & be beautiful with punam:)

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  1. hey thats a wonderful post. BTW is the baking soda same as the cooking soda we use in cooking (like adding to dosa's or pakoda's)?

  2. @pyariwaseema: thanks sear, yes its the same baking soda we use in kitchen.

  3. Hey that's really awesome... home made talcum powder, i never imagined anything like this before.