Friday, 9 November 2012

Olay White Radiance Protective Lotion (product review)

be beautiful with punam
 This lotion is being used by mom & last week I was at her place so I gave it a try for one week but I couldn’t notice same results which are being seen by my mom. So here is the review as per my mom’s experience.

Price: 1199 INR for 75 ml

be beautiful with punam

Experience: When I went at my moms place I could see a lovely glow on her face & then she revealed her secret of this lotion. This lotion has a cream like consistency & not runny at all. It spreads easily on face & never left greasiness.

be beautiful with punam

On first application I could feel soft & supple skin with slight glow on my skin .In one week it never broke me out though I have oily skin.

This lotion claims to reduce dark spot but my mom doesn’t have any, so I can’t say about it. But she is using this lotion from quite a long time & she says it’s good for all seasons & especially for winters. It keeps her dry skin moisturized for a long time & she never felt stretchy on her skin. Moreover it improves the texture of her skin.

It also claims for fairness & all, but I can’t judge that but yes it brings brightness on skin & gives amazing glow to my moms face.
Being so nourishing & moisturizing it proves to be a good anti aging product. For her it’s a Holy Grail product & its serving all her need.

So I think it’s a good protective lotion with spf 24 pa, it also have vitamin b3 which is probably a reason to give such glow.

My mom is going to buy it again,i know its bit expensive but it's going to last long.

Have you tried this? Then please share your experience.
Keep smiling & be beautiful with punamJ

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