Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Bath And Body Works "Charmed Life" Body Lotion(product review)

be beautiful with punam

I hate to be in layers of clothes or woolens .So, I always hated winters & so does my skin.
Well these days my hands are feeling dry & I had some rashes due to some reaction. So I tried every body lotion I could find & this is how I found this tiny bottle of bath & body works lotion charmed life that my hubby brought from his last visit to US.

Price: 3.50$ for 59 ml

Ingredients: It's with vitamin E ,jojoba & shea butter
be beautiful with punam

My experience: First of all let me let you I am a huge fan of its fragrance. It‘s just like vanilla ice cream & this smell lasts quite long on my skin, but it’s a strong or you can say a warm smell that everyone may not like though it gets lighter after some time.

Well coming to the point. It hydrates well to my skin & with the regular use I could see my rashes are also healing.

It gives light moisturisation for around 6 hours in winter, which is quite good.

This tiny bottle comes with a flip open cap which makes it easy to carry in a bag.

I know availability can be an issue as I could never find this product in Indore or Bhopal but its available online on bathandbodyworks .com &

It’s a must try for everyone & the best part is it relieves my skin's dryness even these days so it is absolutely useful for dry skin as well. It also works well on dry feet.

Have you tried this product? Then do share your experience.

Keep smiling & be beautiful with punam.

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