Monday, 28 January 2013

Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Warming Treatment (product review)

be beautiful with punam
Price: 300 INR for 30 gms (each tube is of 5 gms)

be beautiful with punam

I bought this product because of two things that caught my interest: blackhead elimination and warms up to 40 degrees Celsius. When they mentioned in the description, it will "eliminate blackheads for visibly clear and healthy looking skin", it does just that. Well my brother took 3 of them from me .so I am not with the original picture of the whole pack,i picked it from flipkart.

Well coming to my experience:

It has grainy texture but not very harsh on skin.

It smells not so very good but not an issue for me and as the direction says it has to be applied immediately otherwise you won’t feel that heating sensation so smell is not an issue for long .This warmness will last for few seconds only & will make u feel normal afterwards.

The results are really good coz I could actually feel soft & smoother skin after using this one tube only. And I have already finished three. It brightens my face & makes it look clean .I never felt over dried after using it but then too I apply my moisturizer.

And let me tell you why did they choose such kind of 6 tube packaging...coz it gets hardened after a while...i felt there is still some left in my tubes but I cant squeeze it & when I cut the end with scissors I saw its hardened.

For me it actually worked well... as  I used to think only facials are very helpful for removing blackheads completely and I don’t go for facials very often so this mini facial kit is actually giving that facial effect to me.

I would suggest every one who have blackheads to try this & get clear & smooth skin.

Have you tried this scrub ? Then please share your experience with me.

Keep smiling & be beautiful with me. 


  1. I dont have black heads but my cousin does. will recommend it to her.:)

  2. @neisha: u r so lucky dear , well surely u can recommend her , its gr8

  3. I have blackheads and I want to try this. Great review!
    ~Pauline @ Kallony