Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Rustic Art Aloe Shampoo(product review)

be beautiful with punam

I am feeling too lazy these days. Coz it’s getting cold here day by day. But after using this shampoo I am just not able to stop my self more to share my experience.
I have used few products from rustic art & I am already a fan of this Brand. Today I am sharing my experience of Rustic Art Aloe Shampoo.

Price:290 INR for 200 ml

be beautiful with punam

My experience: As you know I have very oily hair so I just want my hair to be perfect - not too oily, not too dry & here my wish got fulfilled by rustic art & most importantly this shampoo is sls free... Love you rustic art... :)

Well it’s a gel like shampoo very much thick just like Rustic Art Aloe Vera gel. But it doesn't mean it’s not easy to apply, it is actually easy... I prefer to mix it with some water so that I may use little less quantity but then too my hair was perfectly clean & clear .I have used it after applying oil & I had the same experience.

Packaging is nice & handy. It come with a flip flop cap But I have to open a whole cap to take it out coz it’s not runny at all, I wish it could be in some tub kind packaging.

It smells light & natural.

It lathers well & washes out easily without leaving any stickiness in the hair. Keeps them smooth .I never had any abnormal hair fall instead I am feeling there is a slight improvement in my hair texture.

I think it’s a must try for every one. It cleanses my hair very well, removes oil not making them over dry. It will be effective for dry hair too.

Have you tried this shampoo or any other product from Rustic Art (A USDA certified brand) ? Then do share your experience.

Availability: You can buy rustic art products from naturalmantra.com

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  1. Awesome Punam. Thanks for the review. Have been searching for a natural shampoo for long and looks like this might be the one. Will definitely buy it :)


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  3. I am following you :D Lovely review!

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  4. Hi Poonam,

    Thanks for this review. Where do we gee this shampoo? I tried at some stores in Hyderabad but could not find it.

    I too have Oily hair. My scalp becomes oily with in 24 hours of shampooing. I wash my hair alternate day (actually becomes oily the next day it self.) Can you please suggest any remedies?

    Thanks and Regards,

  5. Hi Poonam,
    Is this shampoo helpful for men too? I have combination scalp- dry and oily. I found this shampoo on ecotokri for Rs. 275. Is it worth the buy??


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