Saturday, 22 June 2013

Beetroot For Removing Tanning(Home Remedy)

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I am again with a beauty tip…as I said since I came back from Mumbai I am tanned and curd with lemon has actually helped me to reduce tanning from my face and hands but my lips are still tanned and are appearing dark.
So I did a very easy peasy thing to reduce that...
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I just simply rub a Beetroot slice on my lips 2-3 times a day and after a week I could see my lips becoming little better...
Beetroot is not only very good for health but it’s also very good for skin.
It helps in removing tanning and improves skin tone with the regular and long term use. I haven't used on my skin but my lips are looking really better .I think with regular use I can find my baby lips back with really pink color.
Have you ever experienced tanning? Then do share your beauty tip.
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  1. Thanks for the lovely tip. It's inexpensive yet useful!

  2. what else could be more natural lipstick :-) I never knew it reducing tan too..

    1. @shikha s: very true shikha its a lvly natural lipstick