Saturday, 29 June 2013

Milk And Dairy Products Leads To Acne(My experience)

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We all get n then …I m no more teenager still at times get sudden and
heavy breakout...well so as my younger brother who is actually a teenager ..

Last month he visited to a dermatologist and one really interesting thing came out of that meeting.

Other than general recommendation of medicines and creams, his doctor recommended him to stay away from dairy products because that exaggerates breakout, especially milk.

Now that is something I never heard before.

But then I asked dermatologist of our hospital and I got to know-

Why and how acne get worsen due to dairy products:

Because milk and dairy products has many powerful growth hormones- known as igf(insulin like growth hormone) that turn on oil glands which increases sebum production and oil glands pores are plugged by the overproduction of cells.
The faster the skin cells produce the faster they die which creates dead skin cells to block pores and that leads to acne.

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Though I just love milk and I cant leave it completely as it does improve health but I have tried to leave it for 15 days and I could see I just didn't even have one pimple on my face...that can be coincidence too . I just believe it because that was the only change in my routine.

I don’t have any scientific proof, because acne is complicated and temperamental beast that can happen for any damn reason.

But I am convicted that milk triggers for me... but this time I am going to leave other milk products like cheese and curd... and will update about my experience.

Have you ever experienced something like this?

Do share your experience.


  1. Yeah agree with Milk is one of the reason for breakouts for those have allergic with it :), I have this problem :(

  2. oh you are allergic to it .. m not allergic but do get acnes due to it

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