Monday, 24 June 2013

Cheryl's Derma Shade Sunblock With SPF 30(product review)

I keep visiting Indore and most of the time forgets something to take with me. This time I forgot my sun block and then I used my sister’s sun block from Cheryl’s.
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I never tried anything from this brand and have seen it mostly at beauty salons.
This review will be based on mine and my sister’s experience.
I have oily skin and she has normal skin.

Price: 400 INR

My Experience:


Packaging is sturdy and simple.
It comes with commonly used flip flop cap, which never leaks and makes it travel friendly.


It’s neither very thick nor very runny. Its somewhere in between.
Blends easily in to skin and settles down quickly without leaving any heavy finish or white cast unlike my Neutrogena sun block.

It’s for normal skin but it’s not very heavy that makes it friendly for my super oily skin as well (in summers)

It’s non comedogenic and oil free.

It never broke me out.

It doesn’t leave my oily skin greasy and shinny. It suited very well to my sister’s skin as well. She says she doesn’t use any moisturizer beneath (only in summers, in winters she need that extra dose of moisture with this sunscreen) then too she didn't feel dryness.

So here it scores 10 /10 .Coz it sinks well in all type of skin.

For proper protection one need to apply nearly 1/3rd or ¼ th of a tea spoon of a sunscreen daily. So, it’s really important for a sunscreen /sun block to blend well and sink in to skin.


When it comes to sun block it’s always important to know which ingredients it has but it doesn't mention any active ingredients on packaging... no information about uva uvb protection written nor it says it is whether or not with pa protection.
So I was doubtful to use it and go out directly in sun... but I had to go for 1hour and I could see my hands were slightly dark... but not my face,probably coz I used it with my SPF foundation.

Though there is some information given on there website which says that :


  • Non- greasy
  • No-irritation around the eyes
  • Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic
  • Triple UVB Protection
  • UVA+++ protection
  • 8-layer protection
  • Non-Chemical
  • Can be used immediately after chemical peeling.

But i prefer sunblock that has titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

But my sister is an arid follower of this sunscreen and this was recommended by a dermatologist to her. She says it suited her very well .I think my skin is more prone to tanning and it gets dull as soon as I get direct exposure of sun. And since I always prefer to check my sun blocks ingredient coz I can’t take any risk. I Don’t use this sun block for protection against direct sun exposure.

Doesn’t sit on skin nor gives white cast.
Blends easily and settles down quickly.
Never broke out, since its non comedogenic.
Good for all skin type.

Little expensive.
Proper ingredients list is not mentioned.
Not effective for preventing tanning.
Not easily available over the counters.

Overall it’s good when I am at home or under indirect sun exposure coz I don’t think so it may provide good protection under direct sun. I wish it would have come with proper ingredients list.


  1. it is really nice.but i must wash my face very carefully after using sun block,a pore cleanser ia necessary to me.

    1. i agree with you mzshuo i always prefer double cleansing for removing sun blocks

  2. nice review punam..
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  4. If it doesn't prevent tan then what is good about this???

  5. I am using this product from 1 month. Its not so effective.