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Kiehl's Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser(product review)

be beautiful with punam

On my last visit to Mumbai I really had a long list of Mac products but unfortunately I ran out of time after shopping like mad at Zara and I had few minutes to browse when I reached at the floor where there are all cosmetic brands at palladium, Kiehls was closest and I ended up buying few things from there only, like - kiehl’s corrector, kiehls under eye cream and this pretty blue cleanser.

be beautiful with punam

Price: 1300 INR for 250 ml

My experience:


It comes in a transparent bottle (my favorite packaging) with a flip flop cap. It has a strong plastic seal to prevent spillage.

Texture: It’s a blue gel. The consistency is runny. Very little quantity is required to clean whole face and neck, like about 4-5 drops are enough. In this way the bottle is going to last quite a long.

be beautiful with punam

It‘s not a very foaming cleanser..In 4-5 drops it lathers a bit...I am actually used to foaming cleanser so it took me some time to adapt it and satisfy my self that my skin is cleaned. But as soon as I look in the mirror , I am all happy to see the clearer, matte and bright skin.

After cleansing my face with this in morning I could actually feel I can go out without make up. This never happened with me earlier.

When I wipe my face with toner cotton pad was clean, it means all the dirt and make up was perfectly I am satisfied.

I get pick kind acne all the time, pick acne that looks like big black head or you can call small Dane in Hindi...when I pick them they turn in to cystic ones...and every morning I do get white heads around the corner of nose and chin.

But with the regular use of this cleanser my white heads are actually disappeared completely and my heavy breakout are reduced...I don’t say it completely get rid of acne because there are so many other reasons for breakouts (external and internal)... but I can see instant reduction in the angry redness of my breakouts and gradually I have noticed a good change in my pick acne.

It controls shine in this humid weather for 3-4 hours , after 3-4 hours I had little shine on my t-zone but not as shiny or oily as compared to my last face wash(in this weather).But the best part is my skin didn’t lose its brightness even after getting this shine, it was still fair and bright. Otherwise with other face wash my skin loses its freshness and brightness as soon as it gets shiny/oily.

Every time I use it I get refreshing cooling sensation and minty or peppermint like fragrance. It controls my oil for long without making skin dry...

It’s too humid here in Bhopal because every time before rain it gets humid...and my other favorite face wash like Neutrogena and lakme are not able to do well... don’t know why...but I am happy I had this blue goddess...

It has some really nice ingredients:

be beautiful with punam
Ingredients sounds really ginger roots, cinnamon bark...

These things help in reducing acne scarring as well...and camphor is something unique, I never knew it can be used for skin.


It is affordable because the bottle is easily going to last for 2 months or more.

Effective for reducing redness instantly

Diminish white heads 

Helps to fight breakouts

Cleanses skin well

Not drying 

Mild fragrance and refreshing face wash

Controls oil



Overall I have liked it since I got... its going to finish I am really sad it’s not available here. It’s highly recommended for oily and acne prone skin .It may work well for dry skin beauties as it’s not drying my skin even when I have used it twice at the same time. (actually I believe in double cleansing but I ended up my cleanser and was feeling lazy so I washed my face twice (silly me) with this face wash only ..And even then my skin was not feeling stretched).
I just loved it for keeping my skin bright and clear.

Which is your favorite cleanser??

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