Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Make Up Tricks For Slimmer Face

As we age our face doesn’t look as perfect as it did earlier... After pregnancy I could see few changes in my face...and I have tried few make up tricks to look better.

Here I am sharing few tricks that helped me to look prettier.

To camouflage a double chin: sweep brownish rose blush along jaw line from just below the ears to chin and blend. Highlight tip of the chin with white powder for slimmering effect…

My face is little long and oval kind... and I try to make it look little round and thinner. I have learned this trick from one of the make up artist at Lakme salon when I took a party make up there:

Sweep bronzer over temples, cheekbones and under chin using a fluffy brush. Highlight forehead, bridge of nose, cheekbones and tip of chin with light or white powder.

For making look nose little slimmer use contour powder : sweep it with sleek crease brush starting from the inner part of eyebrows , down to either sides of your nose, join the lines under the tip of nose. Now blend it well.

What are your favorite tricks to make your face look prettier?