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Toys For Toddler's Learning and Development (Parenting)

Grooming a kid is the biggest task...isn’t it...?? We all want our kids to learn things quickly and develop different skills. The most important aspect of development of an infant and a toddler is their ability to explore and toys play an important role in that exploration.

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Once an infant become preschooler, their creativity will increase and they will learn from play school and with other kids but by the time we can give them better learning and explorations... as we know the first school of kid is at home and mother is the first teacher..

Today I am sharing five toys that can help develop creativity and intellectual skills of a toddler. These toys are very common and easily available but I never knew their importance.

After so many soft toys, battery toys and roll on push toys... I really wanted my baby to learn and recognize things, size shapes...etc 

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First one is stacking rings- I got this toy when my baby was not even of 12 months and we were just astonished the way she learned to arrange them so quickly and easily...after few months she started recognizing the color when we asked her to  bring the ring of a specific color, she did ..That way she has started understanding the difference between large and small...and the order from biggest to smallest and started recognizing the colors as well.

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This was created by my baby . 

Second one is obviously blocks... very commonly used and best way to develop the skill of creating different things... but you know trying different blocks is a better option like these pyramid blocks .. This one was just amazing for cognitive learning of toddlers and I always speak colors of her toys... 
Blocks bring together the educational benefit of constructive play and children parent interaction. When we got this pyramid block we all used to make different one from it and had know the quality family time...

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Third is a puzzle: puzzles are always mind teaser and getting different kind of puzzles like one of animals, shapes and body parts... with puzzles the goal is clear and the feed back is immediate, when kids solve it they feel encouraged. Don’t forget to clap for your kid.

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Abcd again a fun and easy learning for my one and a half year old baby... as she will be going to play school soon …I got so many battery operated toys as well that plays abcd .. In that way she is learning them quickly...

Such simple toys can actually make our kids learn the colors, objects, calculation and live skills. These toys make children’s manually exercise capacity and promote hand eye coordination and development of logical reasoning.

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Last but not the least - books and crayons...or any sort of can also get some easels.
Even before they might read themselves children enjoys book. They love looking at colorful pictures, there are generally many books available for all age group...books can actually make toddlers learn things very quickly... my baby is not even two and she has started speaking so many words so clearly.

Coloring can bring out your Child's creativity ... don’t be afraid of your home getting painted …

In Nutshell :

Toys                                                                   They learn

Rings-                                            order of biggest too

Blocks                                           concept of size, weight, symmetry, numbers,
                                                      balance, muscle control and coordination, arranging 

Puzzles                                           lets a child experience how fun it can be to solve
                                                      a problem, makes kids persistent, hand and 
                                                      eye coordination,sequencing, 
                                                      seeing patterns, 
                                                      similarities and differences.

Pictures                                          represents real objects, words label objects,
                                                      recognizing things and improves memory.

These Toys may not be as flashy and attractive as battery operated toys but they 
plays an important role in Child's development.

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