Saturday, 20 April 2013

Five Drinks That Help To Maintain Weight(Weight Loss)

After loosing some weight I am being lazy & I have not been working out from a long time...
but yeah I haven’t gained any weight yet... coz I am paying heed to my diet...
recently I have discovered that since summers have started I am taking more liquid..
And then my hubby said this is also a way to maintain weight...

Here are five drinks to maintain weight:

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First is water which itself helps in controlling weight. Well we all know importance of water.
But you know water actually helps in reducing weight coz it reduces hunger pangs.
I always keep my own water bottle with me so that I can know how much water I had this whole day...
I start my day with luke warm lime water .. As lemon also helps in burning fat.

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2. Green tea: If you have read my weight loss post you might know how important green is for me.
I have somewhere read 3-4 cups of green tea can actually burn fat up to 30%.I do have 2 cups
of green tea daily. And I think I love it with honey & lemon …
This time I got organic India green tea bags they have amazing aroma...earlier
I tried Tetley green tea bags.Both are nice.

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3. Citrus fruit juice: In this category first one is lemon even orange juice can be substituted with
this if you don’t like the taste.Well lemon is rich in fiber which reduces hunger pangs & cravings.
It also helps in improving digestion. And it’s rich in vitamin C that helps to store calcium which
in turn don’t let the fat accumulates.

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4.Coconut water: I take coconut water every alternate day... it helps in treating constipation &
also keeps skin healthy & glowing. It contains more electrolytes than fruit juices.

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5.Lasts but the least... is butter milk... this is recommended to me by my gym trainer years ago
but from that day I swear I wont give up this drink coz its so effective .. in improving digestion

I do take seasonal fruit & can also try water melon juice in these summers...
Maintaining & loosing weight is not that difficult & it can be tasty too...

What are your favorite drinks these summers to be healthy & fit..??


  1. Very Useful post Punam I am a regular Green tea drinker :) It helps a lot in maintaining the weight :)

    1. oh yes radha its realy hlpful for managing weight.. nw i got d reason behind ur skin glow

  2. I love coconut! nice post! I'm following you. I really hope you to the same!

    1. wizaz21 even i love coconut water..its healthy nd yummy too.sure m heading towards ur blog nw

  3. Very nice post Punam. I too take butter milk regularly :)

  4. Very nice n informative post poonam..

  5. Except for the green tea, I drink all of the above and love them all! yum! :)

    1. thanks rosh .. and so good u take all of them ..try green tea aswell

  6. Vegetable juice also helps. And cold water will help as body increases metabolism to increase the temperature of the body and burns some calories.