Monday, 22 April 2013

Chambor Stay On Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil "Forever Blue"(product review)

be beautiful with punam

Hello Friends!
Today I am sharing my experience with Chambor Forever Blue Eyeliner.
be beautiful with punam

I got it from Chambor counter at Big Life C21 Mall & I didn't check this pencil at that time
as they gave the sealed one & when I came back home I thought of trying it & initially I was not
able to roll it & once when eyerliner came out ,it dint go back coz of mechanism error &
it really got messy& whole liner came out.I think there was some problem in the batch of liner i got or
probably i dint get the good one any ways.

Well I have used it just twice with little quantity..sadly ..coz I really liked the shade ..
be beautiful with punam

Price: 425 Inr for -28 gm

My Experience:

It comes with the one way twist up liner form encased in plastic body made of the same
shade as the liner.The packaging looks attractive but not very friendly to use as you have
read about my experience above.

Its texture is smooth not very creamy.It glides beautifully on lids & can be used on
lower lash line as well.I have used it on my water line as well & it dint hurt or irritate my eyes.

The pigmentation is good even in single swipes.

be beautiful with punam

The tip of the brand new piece is sharp but later it gets blunt,so its bit difficult to draw thin line.

It  scores full marks on stay as its staying capacity is around 7-8 hours on my oily lids..
but it gets light with the time .
Its truly water proof & smudge proof.

I just loved this blue shade which add instant brightness & attraction to my simple eyes..

Good about it:
Attractive packaging
Smooth texture coz of this its easy to use on delicate eyelids & water line.
Very pigmented
Long stay formula
Water proof & smudge proof
Lovely shade

Not so good:
Packaging is not very friendly
Pricey for the given quantity
Cannot draw thin lines

This is how it look on my eyes:
be beautiful with punam

Sorry for the bad picture but i couldn't create a proper look coz it dint have the tip ,so i cant apply it on lower lash lone this time.

Its smooth,pigmented & long stay eye liner in a attractive but not very friendly packaging.
I was drawn for the shade but I think I can get the better ones in less price in other brands.

Have you Tried This Eye Liner From Chambor ? Then Do Share Your Experience With Me.

Keep Smiling & Be beautiful With Punam:)

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  1. wow. It's a gorgeous matte blue color. Lovely eotd punam.:)
    I agree a tad bit pricey though.

    1. thanks niesha.. yes its bit pricey but nice color

  2. i like chambor products buti find them pricey...too...


    1. you are right dr.poison beauty blog :they are bit pricey in comparison to other brands

  3. Pretty eyes and lovely color..... :)

  4. Wow! Its looks beautiful on your eyes! You have lovely eyes :)

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