Friday, 12 April 2013

Rustic Art Organic Bathing Soap In Sandal(product review)

be beautiful with punam

Earlier I have shared my experience with rustic art baby soap &
this soap is from the same range of soaps by rustic art.
I always shared my love for rustic art, after trying most of their amazing products. Like-
Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel, Rustic Art Aloe Shampoo, Rustic Art Baby Soap

Price: 155 for 100 g

be beautiful with punam

My experience: It is very much like rustic art baby soap. The only difference is of fragrance..
Which is mild & obviously like sandal.. This fragrance won’t last for more than half an hour, sadly…

It is not as moisturizing as it claims but doesn't leave my skin stretched or dry...
Though I always moisturize my skin as soon as I take bath...

Its gentle enough to be used for babies, I always use it for my baby...

be beautiful with punam

It doesn't melt too fast... Best way to use such soaps is to rub them in your palms &
lather them...I That way it lasts a month when I am using it twice daily...

I liked the packaging... which is not at all fancy but looks nice...

This soap is draped in a cotton cloth & butter paper...
which I think holds its fragrance as it smells lovely for the first two three days but later it gets milder .

Conclusion: It will be unfair to expect any product to do double duty like cleansing skin &
moisturizing too. Moisturizing is a routine one must not forgo. So for me this soap was satisfactory...
as it doesn't melts too fast & for my baby’s soft skin its really gentle and the best part is its organic...
but I do feel it’s expensive.


  1. Nice Review Punam I love Organic Soaps very much :)

    1. thanks radha .. even i love organic soaps.. they are bliss for my baby

  2. Nice review :)

    I have tried soulflower soaps and I like them. I think I will give this a try next!

  3. Awesome review, i love organic soaps very well and i prefer Daffy baby skin care soap.