Friday, 27 January 2012

Almond Oil As A Moisturizer (Tip of the day)

These days I am using almond oil as a moisturizer with little vitamin-e tablet gel in it & it's really doing very well on my acne prone oily skin. It never breaks me out, making my skin soft after every use & above all no chemicals in it. I can wear my makeup on it .  It is light weight, not leaving a greasy feeling.

Almond oil as a moisturizer is very good because almond oil is rich in vitamins & minerals like fatty acid, glycosides etc. & being an emollient it help skin balance its loss of moisture with its absorption of moisture.The work of almond oil is by producing right amount of moisture that is considered as the safest anti aging solution as well.

Vitamin -e is an excellent anti oxidant and also helps in dimnishing dark spots. 

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