Monday, 16 January 2012

Banana For Cracked Heels(Tip of the day)

My mom is a regular watcher of a TV programs & one of them is sanjeevani based on ayurvedic tips for health & fitness, once I also joined her. I don’t remember which channel telecast this program but I got some good knowledge about skin & skin care & an easy tip from this program for cracked heels:

Apply Mashed Banana on your cracked heels & leave this for 15 -20 minutes. According to them you can see the difference in 4-5 days only but my mom says it takes at least 15-20 days to see a good result.

I never tried this but I think it can work coz banana is enriched with many vitamins.
Banana contains a number of antioxidants and minerals that can help the skin restore itself naturally. It also includes potassium and minerals that help to keep the skin looking soft, supple and healthy. 

Have You Tried this, then share your experience.

Keep Smiling & be beautiful with me :)

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