Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Easy Exercise At Work

In this of busy work schedule, social life  plus family commitments , diets and fitness plans just don’t seem to fit in as there is a deficiency of time for maintaining our health & fitness especially for working people. So, here are some excellent exercises for being healthy while working and sitting in office. So enjoy your work n be healthy:

Cat Stretch: Bring your hands on knees, keeping your feet flat on the floor. Inhale & arch your back looking towards the ceiling & while exhaling round the spine & drop your head forward. Repeat this 4-5 times before taking your lunch. It helps to get rid of a stiff painful back.
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To reduce headache & stress: stretch your upper back & neck, extend your head & upper body as much as you can, hold it for a while keeping your feet flat on the floor. Be cautious that you don’t hurt your shoulders & wrist, if it then just do the move without twist.It can also mean reduced muscle tension & improved flexiblity.
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For relaxing your feet: try ankle circle
Very commonly used & most of us do it. Keeping your upper body & arms relaxed,then just draw circles with toes holding your feet slightly off the ground.

Stand up!
I mean standing at your desk is the simplest move that most any office worker can do. Studies show that you burn 63 calories an hour by sitting at your desk, whereas standing can burn as many as 127 calories an hour; that’s twice as much.

Walk as much as you can. If you are taking a long phone call walk & talk (what an idea sirji) remember idea's addJ

 Last but not the least: Most of my friends complaint about there heavy waist & obviously sitting continuously is a main reason for this. So try these two simple exercise
 Oblique Variation: To reduce your oblique(the abs on the side of the torso) a little more simply tilt your torso slightly to the right and hold that position for 30 seconds. Then, of course, reverse the action by tilting to the left so you can keep even.

Waist movements to thin down: by spraining your waist gradually when sitting on a chair, try and make a spraining circle big, move slowly, and draw back your stomach all the time when doing the circle. You can approach flatten stomach & slim waist with the help of this office exercises to lose weight.

Keep smiling& be beautiful with me :)

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