Sunday, 19 May 2013

How To Exfoliate Around Eyes (Home Remedies)

After having milia seeds I have been looking for its solution from a long time...
as I said in my post the best way is shredding off dead skin...
but you know I have milia seeds on my eye lids & under eyes ..
These skin areas are very delicate & sensitive.

I have tried one gentle scrub but that irritated my eyes badly...
then I have tried few home remedies... that I used to exfoliate my face...
but never paid heed on my eye... now I got to know that eyes too need exfoliation.

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So I tried some home remedy for cleansing my skin deeply & it will also help in removing dead skin...
It can be applied on & under eyes.

 Remember my How to get rid of holi colors post in that post I have mentioned yogurt & lemon for
removing colors & from there only I discovered this can be used as a mask to remove tanning
and it will also work as an exfoliant and reducing spots and acne.

be beautiful with punam

I have used yogurt & lemon juice in 1:2 ratios & left it for 20 mins .
After rinsing it I can see beautiful smooth glowing skin & then I have started applying it frequently.

Why Lemon and yogurt:

Lemon has AHA that helps in shredding off dead skin & reduces pigmentation & scars.
Yogurt that has lactic acid in it also helps in shredding of dead skin & moisturize skin deeply .
It also tightens skin & shrink pore.

I am using this mask every alternate day as lemon can be too acidic & drying for skin so I better
avoid it every day.

Next remedy is of easy peasy scrub...

Mix jaggery with some honey and use this mixture to exfoliate, be gentle to your skin esp. eyes &
use it twice a week...This can be a good gentle scrub for delicate skin areas.

Why jaggery and honey: Both honey and jaggery have glycolic acid that helps in reducing
blackhead and exfoliate skin. It also helps in reducing oil and honey being a humectant moisturizes
skin deeply.

My milia seeds are still there but with the frequent use of these remedies they are getting softer and
I am hoping they should shred off.

These remedies are good for exfoliating skin and can be taken as a precautionary measure for milia.

What are your favorite home remedies for exfoliating you skin and eyes?

Do leave your comments, they just make my day?


  1. I follow the Yoghurt+Lemon one..
    NIce post :)

  2. I never use lemon for my entire face bcaz I have allergic with lemon juice..
    This ideas are really helpful Punam :)

    1. Oh you are allergic to lemon.then you can try only yogurt. Thanks I am glad you find it helpful

  3. Wow! Useful post... Loved it Punam :-)

  4. Nice remedies .. will try the yogurt + lemon one this weekend.

  5. I know this post is old. But I have made a paste of coconut oil and rice flour. I let it sit on the skin for 5 min to let the skin soften up, then I massage the paste with upwards strokes from the beginning of my lower lid to the temples. I do this about 20-30 times. For the rest of my skin I use circular motion 10 times one way, then ten times the other way. Do not continue if you get very red. I wash it off with my normal face soap and finally moisturize with jojoba oil which is different than other face oils. My goal is to get rid of fine lines and the skin looked much more smoother under my eyes after this. I plan to do this once every week.