Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Deep Whitening Mask (product review)

be beautiful with punam

Neutrogena is really my favorite brand it has been recommended to me by one of the beautician years
ago when it was not easily available over the counter in Indore & I used to get its fine fairness cleanser &
lotion for around 700 or 800.

Well I always loved this brand .Anyways coming to the product I am sharing today is
Neutrogena Fine Fairness Deep Whitening Mask. This is my Third sheet.
In first sheet I couldn't notice any effect & then I got two more to come to any opinion.

Price: 125 for one sheet (bit pricey), i got it in discount price of Inr 99

My Experience:

be beautiful with punam

I found the packaging perfect for the sheet, it holds the serum inside very well &
by removing the carton it’s very easy to carry.

be beautiful with punam

The tissue sheet is very easy to use & fits well on entire face .
The sheet mask is well soaked with a white serum which is not sticky at all.
It is smooth and bit greasy but that doesn't trouble at all.


When I used it for the first time I could only feel soft and supple skin after removing this mask,
there was neither brightness nor any glow and change in skin tone. But recently I visited Mumbai &
I traveled a lot & once I got tanned. So I used two more sheets & my tanning has almost gone.
And my face looked bit bright.

In these summers it’s a perfect way to have that cool & supple skin by refrigerating this mask &
then use it on face and your skin will be tan free.

be beautiful with punam

It makes my skin soft, smooth & hydrated deeply. The best time to use this mask is before going to bed.
So that it can work deeply. I mean apply this mask and remove it after 15-20 minutes and instead of
rinsing off you face with water let the serum work over nightly.

One may feel bit greasy but that will settle down after some time and it never broke me out.

You will see a radiant skin next morning.
Its effect will last for two days.

Over all:
During summers I like it when I am tanned other wise I have oily skin so I need a mask that controls
oil so I would prefer it more during winters because I need hydration during winters.
I think it will be great for dry skinned beauties throughout the year because it’s great for
hydrating skin. I really liked it for removing my tanning.

Have you tried sheet masks? Which one is your favorite?

Do leave your comments, they just make my day .

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  1. Seems worth for trying Nice Review Punam

  2. nice review :) i wanna try such kinda mask... :D

    1. yes vipra itd definetly worth a try .. esp if you have dry skin..

  3. This seems pretty good and best part is it doesn't break you out. I also wanna try it.
    Thanks Punam :)

    1. i am glad you find tid review nice .. its worth a try and it nvr broke me out

  4. Nice review. Let me try,


    1. my pleasure farah .. do share experience wen you try

    2. Sure, will do once I try,


  5. wow..nice review...Its really worth a try...

  6. Seems like a good buy in summers :) Nice review Punam

    1. thanks lancy , yes its good for summers too

  7. Its not available in the shops or market.. i searched for it everywhere.