Friday, 24 May 2013

Neev Rose Olive Body Wash (product review)

be beautiful with punam

I always order organic soaps for my baby and this time I thought of giving a try to body wash from neev. Which I initially didn't like using on my baby for its strong fragrance but later its fragrance becomes normal and now I am loving it for its fragrance.

Price:160 Inr


be beautiful with punam

Its ingredients are worth appreciation, so many natural oils and above all they have used lye (potassium hydroxide for liquid soaps)

My Experience:
be beautiful with punam

It comes in a sturdy and simple bottle with a flip flop cap that never leaks.

be beautiful with punam

Its texture is liquid but when we shake the bottle the free surface becomes crystalline but anyways it lathers well. I shake it coz it has rose petals in granulated form which settles down in the bottom of bottle.

Effect: It lathers well and goes a long way.

Initially I didn't find its fragrance good for my baby but after some days it becomes normal and now it keeps our (me n my baby) skin refreshed and this fragrance stays with us for quite a long time. It has really refreshing fragrance.

It cleanses body well but one has to follow with a moisturizer in dry seasons but in these summers it’s perfectly ok I don’t apply moisturizer immediately as I never felt stretchy.

Overall: I like it because it cleanses skin well and leaves a very refreshing fragrance behind for a long time .Both product and fragrance last long .Its not as moisturizing but that shouldn’t be expected from cleanser, they should just clean well .So it’s a good body wash for babies and me 

Refreshing fragrance
Natural ingredients
Cleanses well

Not  moisturizing
Fragrance is bit strong initially


  1. Wonderful Review Punam!
    Thanks a ton for sharing.

    Glamour Girlz

  2. Nice Review Punam..moisturizing is important thou :( But this body wash looks great Happy weekend :)

    1. thanks radha..yes i wish it could be moisturizing as well bt its nice as it cleanses well

  3. samar khan: thanks dear, i am glad that you find it nice

  4. Another great review, Punam. As mentioned before, your reviews always make me buy the stuff :D.