Saturday, 18 May 2013

Reasons For Acne (Face Mapping)

My hubby always tell me not to worry about these acne , they will disappear if you work on your
life style and eating habits. Actually I get breakouts once in a while and that too on different
areas of face..Now I have realized he was always right...

Well I generally have pinhead type of acne... they are small and look like any big black head and
at times I do have cystic one.

While researching on the reasons for acne I found an interesting image...
The reasons behind acne on different areas of face are explained...In the image below:-


Some suggestion to control acne:

Image Source:Google Images
For 1, 2 and 3:

Here acne are related to small intestine ,bladder and lever .
Your small intestine works for you digestion that simply means your should make it
work better by eating less junk and packaged food, drink more water, eat more of fiber
like salad and fruits. For me coconut water and butter are best for improving digestion.

Image Source: Google Images

If you remember my earlier post on acne there I talked about how sleep affects lever
and then acne on forehead .This diagram also speaks the same thing.
So have a proper sleep at proper time.Late nights can  increase acne ,esp. on forehead.

Also reduce alcohol, greasy and diary products.

4-5: anything around eyes is related either to some deficiency or dehydration...
even dark circles can be due to some deficiency.

So improve your vitamin intake and ask your doctor to prescribe a good multi vitamin.

And now heart, do what we suggest our parents while looking at their cholesterol level...
I mean reduce intake of bad fats like meat and switch to fish, nuts, avocados...
here you can find omega acids and keep check on your blood pressure and vitamin intake.

For stomach again: just one concept -eat healthy & drink lots of water.

For lungs: Fresh air, exercise, yoga, reduce caffeine intake...I am doing avilom vilom and deep breathing from a long time and that is also really good for lungs...When I delivered baby my gynecologist suggest me to start deep breathing from the very next day even when i was while lying on bad...

So you can understand how important deep breathing is.

Image Source : Google Images

Hormonal: this reason is unavoidable... the only thing we can do is to reduce its effect by
proper diet & care and consult a good doctor.

I always used  to panic and felt my self unlucky due to acne but now I am trying to be more
patient and trying to work on the root cause of my acne and my break outs are reducing drastically since I have changed my sleep routine and started yoga.That may take time but working on root cause will surley helps to get rid of acne.

Hope this could help you understand your acne and its root cause.

Do leave your comments . they just make my day.


  1. Interesting... I have some lung problem then :P

    1. I am glad it was helpful for you lancy , try deep breathing

  2. I have always pimples problem :( Useful post Punam Happy weekend

    1. thanks radha i am glad it was helpful for you

  3. Very informative...
    Bookmarked :)

    1. Thanks swati.I am happy that you find it informative

  4. interesting read !!! very informative :)

  5. have been suffering form acute acne for the last 3 yrs.. its so disgusting that i cant face people or shave properly,, tried all kinds of medication isotrnoin, benzoyl , clobestasol,clindamycin,salicylic,phew.. and it gave me a lot of darl scars all over my face, am 30 and never had Acne problems in my life ever!!! this is now made my life living hell..plz help

    1. dear first of all consult your dermatologist coz as far as i know isotronion helps everyone and my dermatologist recommend it me long pay heed to your diet and water intake.clean your face with good face wash that is made for your skin type and prior to that always use mild cleanser to remove your make up and sunscreen.For acne you can try some home remedies like apply
      asprin + vinegar on your acne , apply turmeric paste on your acne. Don't ever pick and touch your acne.Check some of home remedies here :