Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tips And Toes 24/7 Long Lasting Lip Gloss Duos(product review)

be beautiful with punam

This is my first purchase from  tips & toes..i got it few months back when
I was looking for Maybelline Superstay lipstick and i came to know they were discontinued..
then sa gave me this liquid lipstick claiming it to be transfer resist & similar to superstay one.

Price: 375 INR for 5ml of lipstick & 5 ml of lipgloss

be beautiful with punam

My Experience:

It comes with the transparent packaging which I always love.It has liquid lipstick at one side &
other side is a lip gloss.Both have their separate brush applicators which are properly shaped to
give easy application & are soft enough.

be beautiful with punam

be beautiful with punam

It’s a liquid lipstick with good thick consistency.
It gives sticky feel after application which is  really uncomfortable.
But when I apply gloss over it that feel is reduced  to a great extent and even without gloss
 the sticky feel reduces after an hour but doesn't end.

Staying Capacity:
Ok sa did tell me its transfer resist & will stay for quite a long time but .. its not like that.
It will transfer on anything which comes in contact with lips?.
But it fades from the center of the lips only whenever your lips will come in contact of anything.
So,it stays for around 4-5 hours when your lips haven't touched anything.
It doesn't wipe off easily without any cleanser or make up remover.

Shade :
be beautiful with punam

The shade Pretty Plum is really pretty ,it instantly adds brightness to my face.
Its bit dark so I prefer to wear it in some dinner parties ,but I have also tried during day time
without gloss because it already has some shine in it ,its not completely matte & it looks pretty well.

On My Lips:
With gloss-
be beautiful with punam

Without Gloss-
be beautiful with punam

For a long stay lipstick Tips And Toes Lip Gloss Duos has a sticky formula that becomes normal after some while.The pigmented color settle down in a matte finish and stays well for around 5 hours if nothing being
touched by lips.It is reasonably priced for such pretty warm color.
I wish it to be completely transfer resist.

Keep smiling and be beautiful with me :)

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  1. Wow this is a very pretty shade!

    1. yes megha .. its really a pretty shade

  2. vowie... such a nyc shade and beautiful lip swatch... :)

  3. Very lovely shade punam.. looks fab on you !!
    Following you :)

    1. thanks vipra ..i am glad to have as my follower

  4. Wow! Beautiful shade Punam :-)

  5. Lovely Pout Punam and the shade is looking gorgeous on you :)

  6. I love the color, it's pretty!!
    Your lips are lovely :)

  7. Lovely Pouts...pretty shades punam.

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  9. Good enough and the shades of that pink Lip Gloss is awesome..
    thanks for that