Saturday, 8 September 2012

Home Made Deep Conditioning Hair Mask (hair fall)

Dry & rough hair is a common problem for all hair type. My hair type is oily but I have experienced this problem in last few months as you know I was careless for my hair. I shampoo my hair every alternate day & after shampooing hair begin to lose moisture and prone to pollutants.

Hair, when exposed to various pollutants, chemicals, harsh winds and sun tends to become brittle & dry.  To rectify this hair should be moisturized and should be conditioned.
I created a hair mask for myself which deep conditioned my hair, as I have oily hair I used it once in a week or in 15 days.I think it will work great for dry hair if used frequently..

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask  Recipe 
4 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons natural honey
Mix coconut oil and honey in a bowl & keep it in microwave for 15 seconds & Apply to hair liberally from roots to ends & massage your scalp for some while. This warm mixture will make you feel relax, wrap hair in a towel for 15 minutes. Rinse out. You will get very soft & shinny hair. Believe me I couldn’t take my hands off my hair J

How this conditioner helps in reducing hair fall:

Coconut oil helps in replenishing the natural oils of our scalp & strengthens the hair shaft. This is essential for healthy hair & it avoids excess breakage & split ends.

Honey also prevents breakage by nourishing hair deeply. I talked about honey as a good conditioner earlier as well. Actually honey is favorite ingredients for my skin & hair problem.

Have you tried this. Then please share your experience.

keep smiling & be beautiful with me :)


  1. Hey Punam, awesome tip..Can this help my dry and frizzy hair( at the ends)?
    Also, when you say rinse, does that mean with shampoo or without?

    1. shruti lakshman: yes shruti it will be very good for dry & frizzy hair.I mean rinse out with shampoo other wise oilyness will be there in the hair.

  2. @shruti lakshman: yes shruti its very good for dry & frizzy hair.
    i mean rinse out with shampoo other wise there will be oilyness in the hair