Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Importance Of Brushing & Scalp Massage For Beautiful Hair

My next effort to reduce hair fall was brushing & scalp massage. As I said I never cared for my hair & the most careless thing I did is I never brushed them properly.After having a baby I am always in hurry so I just brush them from top & I never reached till scalp. Brushing your hair & scalp properly is more cleansing than any shampoo or hair cleanser.
It stimulates hormone and oil- producing glands, which keep the pores of the hair and scalp open, allowing them to breathe and retain their natural oils. Because of its cleansing effect on hair and scalp, brushing is a form of dry shampooing. So know I brush them properly.
Next thing is massage which helps in improving blood circulation & this was something we all know coz this had been emphasized by our mommies & grannies
So I started it all again, the only difference this time it’s not mommy or granny who are doing my massage, I have to do it at my own.
The best way I found to massage is let your fingers be at one place & move your scalp. With the small circular movements or back and forth motion you will be able to cover larger areas of your scalp. Starting from the front of the head and moving back to the nape of the neck. Then, from the nape of the neck, use the same motion to move forward to the front of the head. This method will make you feel relaxed as well. Remember move your skin under scalp till you feel warmness.
You should massage at least for 15-20 minutes a day.
Keep smiling & be beautiful with punam :)

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  1. totally agree with you but doing it is so difficult!!! I am so lazy :D :D