Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion (product review)

Whenever I see anything with the tea tree oil I grab it, so I got this body shop night fade lotion, shop assistant (SA) told me its good for oily skin & it can work for my blemished skin.
Price: 695 INR
Its main ingredient is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil have anti bacterial agents & which acts as a solvent. So it can stop oily matter from clogging up sebeceous glands & forming pimple.
My experience: I got it coz SA told me it’s good for oily skin& can reduce pimples & he was right .It actually reduces the size of my pimples in just one night.wowJ
It reduced oiliness of my skin leaving it soft & shine free every morning.
It absorbs in to skin & gives proper hydration to my skin.
My blemishes are lightened to some extent but didn’t disappear even after using two bottles of it. So, now I use only when I have any pimple.
Quantity: 30 ml
When I saw the bottle I thought I am going to finish it soon, but I was wrong just one pump is enough for my face .When I used it every night on my whole face, this bottle lasts for 2 months.It's with a pump dispenser , which makes it easy to use,hygenic & doesn't waste product. 
Conclusion: It's a good moisturizing lotion especially for oily skin as it controls oil & improves texture of skin. It doesn’t fade blemishes completely but controls breakout & small acne.
Have you tried this? Then please share your experience with me .
Keep smiling & be beautiful with me ..:)

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