Friday, 15 March 2013

Fab India Tea Tree Toner (product review)

be beautiful with punam

I have heard a lot about CTM (cleansing toning moisturizer) routine
but I have started following it since last year & I have actually seen my really
bad skin converting in to a good obedient skin :)
& when it comes to toner I have been skipping it on & off but from last 6 months I haven’t &
then only I could see some remarkable changes in my pore size & skin.

Here comes my experience with Fab India Tea Tree Toner that I am using from last three months.

Price: 150 INR for 200 ml (very affordable as it goes a long way)

be beautiful with punam

My skin loves all such amazing ingredients like salicylic acid that helps in controlling oil &
neem extracts that helps in controlling acne & bacteria, turmeric that helps to reduce acne &
its marks... wow...  And the main ingredient is tea tree & i actually pick anything with
tea tree as its very good for oily skin

My experience:

It’s a watery green liquid that smells strong like some medicated neem & tea tree oil but I like such smells & it vanishes after few seconds.

It comes in a transparent bottle with a flip flop cap that never leaks.

It doesn't tingle to my skin when I follow it with any other moisturizer but when I follow it
with my body shop tea tree night fade lotion it does tingle probably coz it also contains tea tree.

In summers it gives my skin cooling sensation which is really nice.

It does control my oil but not for more than 2 hours, which is slightly disappointing.

I could not see any help in controlling my break out or reducing the exiting acne but yes it
helps in controlling the occurrence of whiteheads on my skin.

Well the main work of toner is to reduce pore size & I don’t think so I have very large pores but
I admit I have seen a change in my pore size with a continuous use of this toner for around 3 months.

Conclusion: I loved the ingredients & the way it controls my white heads by improving my pore size
but I am still looking for some better option,as it neither controls oil for long nor does it reduce blemishes.. so I don’t think so I am completely satisfied with it.

Keep smiling & be beautiful with punam:)

Have you tried this toner ?

I would love to know your comments & experiences.

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  1. Great review Punam....O am still confused why ppl keep bragging about toner as i couldnt see any difference on my skin while using this.

    1. oh yes megha i agree with you on this.. but i have seen some changes after using toner for 6 months but that too not very drastic change..

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  3. Nice Review I have used Fabindia's lavender and Rose toners and lavender one is so good for sensitive skin :)

  4. oh thanks radha,i would love to try lavendr one

  5. Thanks for review. I like this product. I hope this will suit me. I prefer to read reviews before buying any beauty products.