Saturday, 2 March 2013

How To Fit In Your Old Skinny Jeans(Weight Loss)

I was getting fat... from the first month of pregnancy ,I was feeling myself fat coz I was afraid of being fat...though I was not fat outside but I was fat inside...well in this fight of being becoming  later one wins & I actually became fat after delivering a baby.

Feeling fat last nine months but the joy of becoming a mom lasts forever.
-- Nikki Dalton

So I was also enjoying motherhood & dint care to loose my weight till 6 months after pregnancy but one day I got my old jeans and you know what would have happened... well i badly wanted to fit in my skinny jeans like that I cant buy a new one ? I am going to share few things that have helped me badly to loose my weight..

First and foremost thing that I started after 3 months of my c section was taking green tea with honey every morning empty stomach & after my dinner as well.

Green tea helps to boost metabolism & helps to reduce & manage weight.
I can feel that coz for the next 3 months I was actually not doing any exercise & nor I was doing any other work than taking care of my baby& breast feeding that also help to manage weight & I think green tea & normal walk routine help me to not to gain more.

And one more thing I drink luke warm water I heard that helps to burn fat. I have seen many people following it & believing it.

My hubby says I look old & tardy if I don’t take breakfast..:(after a 6-8 hours of sleep our body & mind need some fuel ..

So I can’t skip my breakfast...earlier I used to... but after consulting with my dietitian I never skipped it.Skipping breakfast is strongly linked to the development of obesity,coz we tend to eat more & unhealthy snacks to stave the hunger.

We all are aware of importance of green tea, breakfast & other simple things... it’s just about incorporating them in our daily routine.

Later I started brisk walking & did 5-7 repetition of suryasan a day... all these helped me not to gain more... coz I couldn't do heavy exercise immediately after c section  & my back problem.. I waited for at least 6 months & then I switched to Jillian Michael... 30 day shred...

While doing Jillian Michael 30 day shred program keep few things in mind..
Follow every exercise properly & keep your postures right otherwise wrong postures can give adverse effect..there were few exercise that I was doing incorrectly and I had swelling in my neck as my hubby who is a doctor help me out.. So,its better to consult a instructor or keep your self alert.. don’t do any exercise if its troubling you and if you ever have any pain/discomfort  immediately leave it.

I always prefer to eat some fruit before and after doing this exercise.

Jillian Michael's 30 days shred program helped me loose my weight only in a month actually helped me to be in shape all again & helped me to fit in my old skinny jeans... hip hip hurray & jai ho jillian ki...

Rest all depends on your diet pattern & small efforts to manage weight. Like reduce intake of salt & sugar, reduce oil in your daily cooking, and break your meals..
don't eat left over and a day old food ,don’t starve for long
Don’t sit for long better to stand up & do small job in between that helps to manage waist.(the portion where women tend to gain more weight quickly)

Eat healthy & be healthy..
Me Now:
be beautiful with punam

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be beautiful with punam

Keep smiling & be beautiful with punam :)


  1. @aliasgarmukhtiar: thanks dear

  2. very nice . Congrats on your succes Pu :) Looking fab . But i must say even in your before picture your looking fabulous . How long did it take to loose weight and how much did you lose ?

    1. @khaddu: thanks dear ..
      khaddu after my pregnancy i have gained around 10 kgs i am still not completely happy .. need to wrk more but doing all that what i shared & with jillian michael's; 30 day shred i have lost around3-4 kgs in a month & that too without any dieting ..just balanced diet

  3. Nice dear. luking gorgeous :)
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  4. grt post ... I just dont like green tea But i M só motivated i will give it a go..

    1. Thanks monika .. oh i just love green tea tyms i have it 3 times a day

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  6. @abhi m; thanks abhi.. its great jillian michael worker wonders for evryone..
    thanks for following my blog, i am glad you liked it