Monday, 18 March 2013

Mac Color Crayon Creme Eyeliner Pencil In Green(product review)

be beautiful with punam

Hello friends

Today I am sharing my experience with Mac Color Crayon Crème eyeliner pencil. I actually bought it a year ago from Delhi’s some cosmetic store coz I loved the shade... teal green lovely color.

As I said I bought it long back I don’t remember its price but perhaps it was between 950-1150 INR

My experience:

It comes with simple a packaging which is of the same color as of the eye liner.

It doesn't break while sharpening but I still dint sharp it before taking picture, sorry I am really being very lazy while taking pictures.

Its texture is smooth but not very creamy which makes it easy to apply.

It’s well pigmented in few swipes.

It glides easily so there is no tugging or pulling of eyelids.

Here are the swatches:
be beautiful with punam

After few seconds of application it turns in to a water proof & smudge proof eye liner.

It stays for entire day on my oily lids but comes off easily with any oil or make up remover.

I loved the shade it makes my simple looking eyes really attractive.

If I will find it I will surely buy it again but as of now I couldn't find it in Bhopal’s the only store where I get the Mac products.

This is how it makes my eyes look:
be beautiful with punam

(sorry for the bad picture & i was in hurry so couldn't apply it properly)

Have you tried this lovely eye liner pencil from Mac? Than do share your experience.

I would love to read your comments & suggestions.

Keep smiling & be beautiful with punam?

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  1. Wow this is a pretty shade. Even i m fond of green liners.

    1. oh yes megha this really a pretty shade with amazing staying power.. for the people like me who have simple black eyes these green & blues add some more value..which green liners have you tried yet ?

  2. Great color.. Love greens a lot..:)
    Nice review Punam.

  3. I love this shade Nice EOTD dear :)

    1. thanks radha.. bbut i am actually bad at applying liners & all

  4. I really like this coulor - but I'm not a fan of pencils that you have to sharpen - prefer the twist up pencils. This is a really attractive color though.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

    1. yes paula this is really a nice shade ..i like pencils more than those twist up liners..

  5. Very pretty the shade