Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How To Get Rid Of Holi Colors(home remedies)

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Holi without color is meaningless but these colors can put my skin in danger. With the excitement of this holi I am bit worried as well for my skin...coz I know I am going to get colored like a canvas... & that too not with natural colors... So today I am going to share some home remedies that I always tried to remove my holi colors...
I think most of us know that its always better to put some oil or lotion before stepping out of room on holi but this time I am going to put another layer on my body lotion and that is of thick sunscreen like Neutrogena sunscreen .And before taking bath I prefer to wipe color with some cleanser or oil...and then use any of these home remedy.
Coming to home remedies:
Take a bowl full of curd & add 1-2 tbsp of lemon juice & apply it on your whole body where ever there is color, this surely removes color.
Applying fuller earth pack helps to get rid of colors from your skin to a great extent.
And this one which I think most of us know but let me brush up your memory...use a basic uptan of gram flour ,turmeric & milk cream. This also helps to remove color but yeah not completely .for me the curd recipe works great.
What is your plan for holi & how are you to get rid from colors.
Keep smiling & be beautiful this holiJ