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How To Prevent Milia (My Experience)

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Our eyes are the most delicate darlings And they need a special care. Aren't they...?
I always used to think I am taking care of my eyes just by applying under eye gel in morning & almond oil in night. But recently I have seen few white tiny cyst kind under my eyes and they are just not looking nice. As I do get white heads frequently , I thought its white heads only but there was no end to it .. Then I had a talk with my hubby’s friend who is a dermatologist, he says its milia.

So this is what I came to know about it:

Milia are a white tiny cyst or seed that often grows under eyes or temples due to oil producing glands in our skin. It’s commonly seen in infants, but adults too can have it.

Though they are harmless but they don’t look nice. I have three under my eye and one on the corner my lips.

be beautiful with punam

I hope you could see the one under my eyes  above the text in the image.

Cause of milia:

Most common reason for milia is heavy creams and skin care products, which are not for our skin type or not of good quality. Heavy products don’t slough off dead epidermal skin cells. I find that many moisturizers with sunscreens or heavy sunscreens are culprits to this problem. The eyelids are very thin and more likely to experience problems with milia due to cosmetics.

I have been using almond oil from a long time in night and I think my Neutrogena sunscreen also takes lot of time to get absorb into skin and it is thick and heavy.

A more exposure to sun can also be a reason for milia coz sun makes skin thicker and makes exfoliation harder.

In my case I have realized that using oil under eye was not a good idea & for my skin I have not been exfoliating from last few days coz I get to know that one should not exfoliate skin while having acne but I should have skipped the affected are instead of skipping exfoliation.

Sometimes dead cells is not able to shred itself off naturally and coz of that it get accumulated which results in the formation of milia. So I think creams that have aha and steaming once or twice in a week could work well.

My dermatologist said he can remove them either by laser or by some needle but I don’t want to indulge in all that coz I have seen one of milia near lips gone away when I tried to pick it with tweezers but  I’ll not suggest this to do unless one is very sure and I have my surgeon hubby to help me with this.I think once they will get soft they may fall off themselves , by the time I need to take care of my skin some more.

So I think milia can be avoided by taking few precautions like exfoliating your skin twice in a week and prefer light skin care products those absorb in to skin easily and stay away from oils around eyes & avoid sun.

Do share your queries and experience regarding Milia.

Keep smiling & be beautiful with punam:)

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  1. NIce post dear...Even I am facing this problem for one year :(

  2. It was a very informative post poonam. Loved it... :)

  3. Lovely post, Punam. Very informative. I had this before, but didnt know it was Milia. Thankfully it fell off on its own.

  4. my brother has this problem, We got it removed from Kaya Skin clinic but they again grown back. Its skin type which is sensitive to such accumulation

    1. Yes shikha , such things come back if we ignore skin and it also depend on skin's natural capacity to shred off dead cells, the dermatologist i mentioned worked with kaya as well & he said it may come back ..ask your brother to follow skin care regime

  5. i always thought it as some sought of acne ... good detailed post dear..

  6. thanks rasa nandini,i am trying few home remedies from some time ,let me be see some good results i would surely share

  7. thanks lets talk abt everything,nd dear i would love to know your name,must be pretty as you

  8. rosh they generally fall of when they get old and soft bt may reoccur if we ignore skin care that i mentioned in my post.

  9. But what if you have both dark circles and milia around eyes? :(
    Shouldn't use almond oil treatment then?

    1. dear both dark circles and milia around is a common problem.. for this prefer gel based or a light easily absorbent creme for under eyes, this will reduce dark circles & will reduce the chances of formation of milia seeds..coz heavy creams & oil is not being absorbed by thin under eye skin & it accumulates dead cells

  10. Sweet almond oil does not clog the pores.. please suggest if we can exfoliate the skin by hot water wash cloth and can use a face wash after that. Post this applying any moisturiser or sunscreen can get rid of milia. Also can use sweet almond oil at night for dark circles.

  11. I have one under my eye, it literally grew over night, I’ve had it about 3 months and it doesn’t seem to be going away :(

  12. I have been facing this issue since my late teens but the chakkenge with my skin is that I have dry skin so I need a good moisturizer, but sometimes a good, rich, thick moisturizer causes milia, although since I started chemical exfoliation they have reduced in number.
    Dry skin and milia is a very hard combo to deal with