Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Aroma Magic Beauty Face Pack (product review)

be beautiful with punam

I rarely get time to visit parlor these days & my husband is a doctor so we never make plans,everything happens all of sudden. Every time he informs me for a dinner party in evening (i wish men will ever understand women’s take time to get ready. :)
So, I got this magic box with me, to get that facial glow & honestly it gave me that glow & my friends ask me when I get time for facials. :)
Price: Earlier I got it in 180 INR but this time I got it in 215 INR for 50g

be beautiful with punam

Amazing... my skin is smiling reading the list of ingredients.
In my college days i used to grind orange peels to use it as face pack,but now I can get the benefits of orange peels without that tedious grinding. Thanks to aroma magic...
My experience: It comes in a plastic tub with an extra foil lid covering the tub. The fragrance is light & not irritating at all.
The best part is its creamy & waxy texture. Which never makes my skin dry & stretched like what other face pack does. Even after washing, my skin never felt dry instead I have soft & brightened skin.
I have been using this from quite a long time & every time it gives lovely glow to my skin. It’s great when you want a quick fix to brighten dull skin. And the glow will last at least for two three days.
Direction to use says to keep it for 20 minutes but it doesn’t dry completely in 20 minutes so I take 10 more minutes to let it dry completely coz I think it works better if kept for longer duration.
It even out my skin tone & makes it look clearer.
It never broke me out even being so creamy .I think it can work great for all skin type coz its really creamy & moisturizing.
Conclusion: It’s a Holy Grail product for me. Probably I have no plans for visiting parlors till I have this product with me coz I get that brightness & glow at home with my choice of music instead of that boring instrumental.


  1. Thanks dear Punam for your lovely

  2. @nirmala: it's all my pleasure

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