Friday, 19 October 2012

Magnesium Sulfate for Acne(Home remedy)

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Acne occurs when least needed. Especially in my case they always occur just a day before some party & on last eighteenth I hosted a teej party & as usual had two nodules(swollen acne) on my face & I was mad as a wet hen J(please some body tell my acne that I am no more a teenager)
And (dhan tanan) then my angel enters who solves all my problem (my hubby)
He says I will bring magnesium sulfate from our hospital’s medical store coz we use it to reduce swellings & in many medical preparations. (He runs his own hospital & an orthopedic surgeon; I wish he would have read dermatologyJ).
Though he forgets to even bother about it as soon as he reaches there but gave an amazing idea to me & then I got magnesium sulfate from my hospital’s medical store. Magnesium sulfate is easily available over the counter. You can also use Epsom salt which is another name of magnesium sulfate. But I never found Epsom salt anywhere.
Why magnesium sulfate: It has great anti inflammatory properties & healing agents. Magnesium sulfate is a chemical compound made up of oxygen, magnesium & sulfur. The substance has an extracting effect & traditionally used as bath salt to suck toxins & impurities from skin. My hubby said it will be good for reducing nodular acne & it also reduce excess oil.
be beautiful with punam

As you can see in the image its granulated , so I have to crush It to make paste & then I mixed rose water with it & apply it on the affected area, I applied it 3 times a day & my swollen nodular was reduced to half in a day & redness disappeared. Don’t ever rub it directly on your skin its abrasive. I applied it 3 times in a day coz I was impatient but I won’t suggest any body to overdo this. Use it once or twice a day for 15-20 minutes & see the magic.
Have You Ever Tried This? Then Please Share your Experience.
Keep Smiling & Be Beautiful with me J

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