Monday, 1 October 2012

Aura Vedic Pure Lightening Skin Polish Sandal & Turmeric(product review)

be beautiful with punam

I am a scrub bug whether its trying something home made or any ready to use scrubs, I am always ready coz I just love my soft skin after scrubbing J
This time I tried auravedic sandal turmeric scrub. As I mentioned about this rarely heard brand in my earlier review here (auravedic harmonising hair cleanser)that I saw it in Mumbai & I picked few things, one of them is a scrub. I love this brand coz they use natural ingredients in there products.
be beautiful with punam

Price: 300 INR for 100 g
be beautiful with punam

No parabens , no sls , no harmful chemicals , wow my skin is smiling J.I was very much impressed reading its ingredients  like kokum butter which is a substitute of cocoa butter & rich in fatty acids. Kokum butter is composed of beneficial compounds that helps to regenerate skin cells.
Sandal &  turmeric are its main ingredients & the most commonly heard ingredients for skin care especially by nanny’s& mommy’s .We all are aware of there qualities but let me remind you once again.
Sandal helps in reducing blemishes, acne & its scars; it heals scrapes, rashes, dry & itchy skin because of its cooling properties.
Turmeric: helps in treating infection, gives glowing & fair skin.

My experience:
Sadly I have few blackheads, some of them are old & some are new, some keeps reoccurring at the same placeL
Uff my only enemies are blackheads & for killing them I keep trying scrubs (as an weaponJ).
Well coming to this scrub, it’s a very soft scrub with a very light fragrance which is herbal & natural.
It’s absolutely not harsh or abrasive to skin coz granules are very tiny & soft.
Never left my skin with a film that most of the scrubs did especially on those parts where I prefer to scrub slightly more to get good result like the corners of lips & nose.
It left the skin clean & soft (as its really moisturizing)
Though it’s so much enriched with butters it never broke me out. I used it as a body scrub as it’s mainly a body polish scrub only but it’s so gentle that it couldn’t exfoliate my skin that nicely, I was just left with a smooth & light scented skin.
During winters I used it on my face before going to bed without following my moisturizer & it kept my skin completely moisturizing. I think it’s completely buttery.
It’s mainly for skin lightening & I noticed some clarity & brightened skin every time I use it.
Being a scrub I expect it do something for my blackheads & it worked on soft & new blackheads as well as white heads but not good for deep blackheads. As the granules are very soft it never hurt my skin. So I think every one should try this, it can be used daily & it’s good for all skin type,it can do wonders for dry skin.

Auravedic outlets are only in few cities like: Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Banglore & Goa. It is also available online on

Have you tried this ? Then please share your experience.


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