Thursday, 11 October 2012

Biotique Walnut Bark Body Building Shampoo(product review)

be beautiful with punam
Long back I have tried few products from biotique & I don’t even remember there namesJBut I just remember I liked them: J
Well this time I picked something good from biotique hair care range. Biotique walnut barks shampoo. (For fine & thin hair) sadly I have very fine & thin hair. :(
I picked it quickly without giving a second thought coz my hubby always says walnuts are very good for hair (he ask me to eat them, obviously eating healthy can reduce all our beauty problemsJ)
Price: 159 INR for 210 ml (very affordable)
be beautiful with punam

My experience:
It is blackish brown in color & not very thick. It’s runny in consistency, which makes it easy to spread & lather nicely in a less quantity. It smells very natural just like Alma & all natural ingredients.
The best thing about this shampoo is it removes oil & dirt in a first wash only. Even when I apply oil on my hair & then wash them with this shampoo I get completely clean hair & scalp.
It did add some volume to my hair.
It gives good shine to my hair & makes them smooth.
It doesn’t have Sls, so for a change something that claims to be herbal is actually herbalJ
It smells very natural.
I don’t think so I have anything bad to say about it. I don’t have hair fall so cant say how it will work for hair fall problem but I heard from few people that it helps in controlling hair fall.
So overall it’s a good shampoo for oily hair coz it cleans them nicely.

Have you tried this ? Then please share your experience .
Keep smiling & be beautiful with me :)

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