Monday, 8 October 2012

Earthstore Pure Saffron Royal Handmade Soap

Babies have very gentle & soft skin. Every time I hold my baby I just love her soft & smooth skin & I always want it to be like that. For my baby’s skin I always prefer to use natural ingredients or products made by natural ingredients. So, that she can always have this soft & natural skin. And then I found this hand made soap, which is full of natural ingredients.

Price: 90 INR for 100 g
My experience :I am just loving this soap, I ordered it for my baby but when I smell it I couldn’t resist my self to try this.
It’s really moisturizing & gentle for skin. I generally massage my baby after & before bath, but while using this I don’t need to massage her after bath coz it kept her skin soft for a whole day & it does the same with my skin J.Its great for using in all seasons & for all skin & age group.
It smells amazing & that last for quite a long time.
As you can see in the image it have tiny granules, which helps in exfoliation, I love such soaps which have granules coz it’s rare in soaps.
The only con with this soap is that it melts very soon, it doesn’t last more than 10 days for me & for my baby it will last for 15-20 days.
Conclusion: Its expensive coz it melts down in 10 days for one person but I liked the way it keeps skin soft.
Other Soaps available;Forest Honey, Cinnamon Spice, Lemongrass scrub Soap, Lavender Scrub Soap 

You can buy the products here:
(this foundation is doing great work by joining hands with rural entreprenuers,artisians & small producers)


  1. totally love their soaps :) try out SOS organics from naturalmantra....they are amazing...even these soaps are from them only but marketed under different name!!

    1. i also loved it,sure swati i'll try sos organics ,right now i m using soaps from rustic art , asa i finish them i will try something new