Thursday, 22 December 2011

Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion(product review)

Price: 140 INR for 250 ml

These days dove is my favorite brand when I am worried of dryness, whether its for hair or for my skin .That’s why I can’t resist myself trying dove‘s new body lotion. 

Its main ingredient is "shea butter (butyrspermum parkii butter)" which is rich in many vitamins like A, E, F & its known for giving hydrated skin & repair damaged dry skin as well.
It also contains ingredients like" Stearic acid" that helps skin to retain moisture and to stay flexible & it contain "Helianthus annus hybrid oil" that is soothing & calming for dry skin& it’s derived from sunflower.

My experience:
My palms were feeling very dry not only coz of winters but I wash them number of times & use sanitizer very often which also leads to dryness in skin & when I apply this lotion before going to bed immediately I could feel softness in my skin & it leaves my hands with a glow.
Its texture is quite thick like creams, it never gives stain on my cloth & neither it's sticky nor greasy rather it spreads easily & absorbs in to skin quickly leaving behind a coconut chocolate like smell.
It does relieve my skin from dryness & gives a very soothing, smooth effect that last till morning. Though it doesn’t give supple soft skin but I am satisfied coz it gives me smooth & soft skin with quite a good staying power of 8-10 hours even in this cooling winters with temprature of 11-14 degrees.  
I rate 9on 10 to this body lotion as it’s really helping to relieve my dry skin.

Have you tried this? Then please share your experience.

Keep Smiling & Be Beautiful With Me J

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Home Made Dry Shampoo Recipe

If you don’t have time to wash your hair frequently or feeling lazy in cozy winters to shampoo , what are you going to do ? Will leave them greasy & oily???

Not now as I am here telling you some dry shampoo to remove that oil from hair…

Mix grounded Oatmeal,
Baking soda &
Corn starch in equal quantity

dan tanan  …..

And you dry shampoo is ready.

You can also apply plain baking soda or corn starch individually as a dry shampoo.I experienced that when my hair are not too oily these ingredients do a decent job.

Method to apply:
Apply it to your scalp /roots of hair just like you apply oil & run your fingers through the length of your hair & then brush your hair.
You can use pepper sprinkler or talcum like container to store this mixture because it’s easy to sprinkle. But never use talcum as dry shampoo.
Ok I read a lot about baby talcum or any other talcum as a dry shampoo.I tried it many times  but this never worked for me & I am always left with some whiteness and it took a long time to brush to remove that whiteness of talc & then also I never get rid of that dirt & oil. Above all the next day when I wash, my scalp is very sticky & dirtier, so I would suggest never use talcum.

With this recipe you can get rid of greasiness of your hair as it'll absorb oil from your hair.

Have you tried this then let me know how it worked for you.

Keep Smiling & Be Beautiful With Me :)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Almond Oil For Dark Circles

Fed up of dark circles??
So was I
From last six months my sleeping schedule was really fickle & I have started noticing dark circles & when I got time to take care of my eyes they were really as dark as night L then I started exploring some good eye creams , serums , gel etc . Where I found most commonly used ingredient was almonds/almond oil. I thought why not use this natural ingredient directly instead of applying any cream.
And I started applying "Roghan Badam Shirin" every day twice daily & the results were surprising after a month only, honestly I couldn’t believe this worked so well. I could see It has reduced my dark circles to a great extent. But one has to follow it religiously & gradually see the effects.
Almond oil is non greasy, nourishing & hydrate your skin deeply. I some where read that it also have some bleaching properties in it.
Massage roghan badam shirin or any virgin almond oil for a minute or 2, twice daily after cleansing & toning. Gently massage in circular motions.

Have you tried this ? then please share your experience...

Keep Smiling & Be beautiful with me

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Nutmeg (Jaiphal) A Versatile Fruit For Skin

I heard a lot about Nutmeg i.e. Jaiphal to improve sleeping habits, indigestion, pain relief etc. Though I never tried it for such issues but I did try nutmeg for my skin troubles. I used it to reduce my dark spots & it really helped me to a great extent. This little fruit can do wonders for human health not only internally but for your skin as well.

Here are few uses -


Mix nutmeg with raw milk & apply it on whole face & wash it off, after 15-20 minutes, u can see a clean n bright skin; u can substitute water instead of milk if you have oily skin.

2- Reduce dark spots

The combination of honey’s antiseptic properties and nutmeg’s ability to reduce inflammation has helped me with acne scars. It might just work for you.

Combine honey & nutmeg in equal quantity and apply this on your face & leave it for 20 minutes. Then rinse it thoroughly. Use it at least twice a week & if possible use it daily.

3 –Great to exfoliate

Powdered orange lentil or grind dried orange lentils into a fine powdered form, then Stir together 5 tsp. orange lentil powder and 1 tsp. nutmeg powder, Stir 1 cup milk or water into the lentil/nutmeg powder. Use lentil/nutmeg scrub on your face to get soft & bright face. Rinse thoroughly. Store the remaining scrub in the refrigerator.
Have you try this then let me know how it worked for you?
Keep smiling & Be Beautiful :)

Monday, 5 December 2011

Rose Petals For Rosy Lips

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Remember that nursery rhyme “chubby cheeks rosy lips” I always wanted such rosy lips that cartoon had in my poem book. Not only me, I think rosy lips have been a desire of every woman, isn’t it??
Our lips looses its natural color gradually because of many reasons but now you can get that natural rosy color  with rose petals ,follow this religiously :

Rub rose petals on your lips daily as many times as you can.


You can add some glycerin & saffron with it & make a paste of all these & apply every night before going to bed.

Bebeautiful & keep smiling with rosy lips :)