Thursday, 28 February 2013

Revlon Color bust Lipstick Chocolate 060 (product review)

be beautiful with punam

These days I am doing experiments with colors & coming out of my pink cave. After trying shade of red & orange I am trying my hands on brown. And this is how I find Revlon’s Colorbust lipstick Chocolate 060.

Price: 610 INR

be beautiful with punam

Shades Available:
Chocolate, Grape, Blossom, Siena, Raspberry, Mauve, Hazelnut, Crimson, Blush, Soft rose, Rosy Nude, Peach, Honey, Fuchsia, True red, Baby pink, Plum, Lilac, Carnation, Ruby
I like to have many options to choose?

My experience:
Its packaging is really classy & handy. I loved the way Revlon is written on the bullet.

I love this lipstick mainly coz of its creamy & soft texture. It keeps my lips hydrated & smooth in winters.

It glides very easily but then too never bleeds nor shows patches.

The best part is it doesn't prominent fine lines of lips.

Pigmentation is good & easily build able.

Its staying capacity is around 3 hours maximum 4 hours without drinking, eating & kissing ?(wink)

Here are the swatches:
be beautiful with punam

Over all I liked it in recent winters for keeping my dry lips hydrated & soft without highlighting fine lines & being a dark shade it does gives soft look.With single swipe it gives good color. I wish it could have better staying capacity.This shade may suit all complexion coz its not as dark as it name suggest.

On my lips :
be beautiful with punam
be beautiful with punam

Have you tried this product? Then do share your experience.
Keep smiling & be beautiful with punam?

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Lakme Color Crush Nail Paint Shade No.11(Notd)

be beautiful with punam

These days I am liking orange color in everything, whether its clothes, lipstick or nail paints. This time I tried Lakme Color Crush Shade No.11. It’s lovely neon orange.
Here are some pictures:

be beautiful with punam
be beautiful with punam

Consistency of this nail paint is neither too thick nor too runny.

Keep smiling & be beautiful with punam :) 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Cucumber Honey Mask(home remedy)

This year it was terribly cold in Bhopal & I spend my most of the time at farm house which is far from Bhopal & is far colder than the city. I avoided the mask & all coz of the cold.

But since temperature hasn’t increased  alot yet and my skin is feeling dry ,so I am using this homemade mask from last 15 days and it doing great.

Cucumber & honey mask:

be beautiful with punam

Take a cucumber & grate it & squeeze it to take out its juice & mix honey half of cucumber’s quantity in to it.My mom says i can store it for 3 hours only but i have stored it for 3 days in refrigerator.
I am using it with cotton ball & let it stay for at least 15 min only coz it's stightly sticky & then wash it with plain water.

With the continuous use you can see a brightened & soft skin.
I had some dryness as well & it reduced my inflammation on cheeks very quickly.

Why honey & cucumber:
I always say honey is my favorite ingredient. Honey is rich in nourishing trace element, natural moisturizer.
Cucumber reduce pigmentation, hydrates & soothes skin resulting in reduced inflammation.

Do you like home made masks? Then please share your experience.

Keep smiling & be beautiful with punam:)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

High Frequency Facials(My Experience)

Image source: Google images

I have been taking high frequency facials on & off from last 3-4 years. When I was in Indore I was regular customer of meenakshi sharan’s beauty salon “finer options at sayaji hotel”, from there only I came to know about high frequency treatment for skin & hair ,then I explored it at lakme vital indulgence program.

My experience with the high frequency facials was great. Initially I took 1 sitting in every 15-20 days for4 months, later I was going once or twice in a year. When I had clusters of cystic breakouts this facial treatment helped me a lot...

It removed my blackheads & made my skin smooth & glowing .It actually improved my skin texture & condition. I always had nodular cystic acne when least needed, just a day before any party & I used to run to take this facial... with the help of high frequency my acne used to suppress to 50 percent just in a day.

Some information about high frequency treatment:

How it works:
The safe and gentle oscillating, oxygenating power of low level electrical current has been shown to enhance blood circulation, increase collagen and elastin production, eliminate toxins and acne-causing bacteria, encourage lymphatic drainage, exfoliate dead skin cells and assist with improved skin care product absorption.

Such facial machines operate in conjunction with special glass electrodes which come in many different shapes and sizes. When lightly touched to the surface of the skin or scalp, a mild high frequency electrical current passes through the neon or argon gas-filled glass electrode which then produces charged particles. This in turn causes the glass electrode to emit a calming energy in the form of an orange or violet ‘glow’. When applied to the skin, the subject will experience a mild zapping or buzzing sensation.

The facials I took involved galvanic machine as well & obviously the products also helped in improving my skin but at times I took just high frequency treatment to suppress my acne... it helps to kill the bacteria & suppress acne quickly.I always used to love the tingling i had when this machine used to touch my acne coz that makes me feel that my acne is dying hehe:)

It actually worked for me & i would suggest everyone to try these facials.It will do wonders for acne troubled skin & for others as well.

At finer options the charges per facials varies from1500-1800 rupees per sitting.I am not aware of any other salon & clinic.

Have you tried this? Then please share your experience with me.

Keep smiling & be beautiful with punamJ

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Chambor Enriched Revitalizing Make Up (product review)

be beautiful with punam

Price: 995 INR for 30 ml

I am using shade 301 enriched honey 

be beautiful with punam

My experience:

This comes with a pump dispenser, which is easy to use & gives enough
quantity for face & neck.

It has got spf 18 which is really good.

Its fragrance is ok not very troubling for me.

It’s thick in consistency & doesn’t absorb in to skin easily. Even with a foundation brush & sponge it doesn’t blends that well.

Well initially it was nice gave dewy finish & glow to my face but after few hours it shows dry patches on corners of my lips & on forehead though I have oily skin.

Here are the swatches:
Before applying this foundation my mark was dark

be beautiful with punam

be beautiful with punam

After applying it:
be beautiful with punam

It doesn’t gives full coverage but does conceal my marks to some extent & even out my skin tone.Being such a pricey product I expected it to give at least good coverage.

Overall I dint like it much mainly coz of dry patches & probably it may suit dry to normal skin.

Have you tried this product? Then please share your experience.

Keep smiling & be beautiful with punamJ

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Friday, 8 February 2013

Beyu Liquid Fine Eye Liner 20(product review)

be beautiful with punam

This is my first ever attempt with liquid eye liner and I am very excited. But I am not very good at applying it so forgive me.

Price: 675 inr for 1.1ml

be beautiful with punam

My experience:

It’s a liquid eyeliner but the packaging is like a pencil liner as you can see in the image. The shade is hazy eggplant (black only but not a jet/dark black a slightly greyish black).
The tip of the brush is very fine and thin, very easy to I am ready to use it. And the thing that impressed me a lot about it is it’s staying capacity... It’s more than 6 -7hours. (Wow)

It gets dried up quickly & gives a slight matte finish which I just love.

Here are the swatches:
be beautiful with punam

As I said I am not very good at applying liquid liner & this is my first try of liquid liner so please kindly forgive my way of applying it .those who can apply liquid liners nicely can create a lovely look with it .. I am still trying... wishing me luck J

be beautiful with punam
I think it’s a must try coz of many reasons like its smudge proof, water proof, easy to use & obviously amazing staying capacity.

Have you tried this product? Then please share your experience.

Keep smiling & be beautiful with punamJ