Friday, 23 November 2012

Revlon Nail Enamel "Steel Her Heart"(product review)

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Today I am reviewing Revlon nail enamel in shade steel your heart.

Steel your heart is a lovely gunmetal grey metallic shade .Even though its slightly brush strokey but that can be prevented by careful application & I am very bad at that, so pardon me .

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In first image it may look like frosty but its not frosty at all , its just coz of artificial lights.
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Formula is good on this color but one has to watch out for stroke.

Have You tried this? Then please share your experience.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick "Kiss me coral(product review)"

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I am using this lipstick very often these days ,from diwali shopping to diwali to post diwali get together .I wore it everywhereJ

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Price: 550 for 4.2 Gms

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My experience: Probably I am late in reviewing this but I can’t stop my self talking about things I madly love .So here I am talking about kiss me coral.

It is a perfect orange coral shade. The texture of lipstick is soft & creamy. Even on bare lips without lip balm or gloss Revlon cream formula was very smooth & gave just a hint of shine.Its not completely matte, the way it looks in one of the swatch nor its very glossy.Here are the swatches:

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It perfectly pigmented & covers all the unevenness of lips & doesn’t highlight fine lines of lips.

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Its stay is not very good it fades after one meal & if you won’t eat anything it will stay around 2-3 hours.It slightly  runny on the corners of lips.

Overall I am in love with this shade coz it instantly brightens my face & it’s a new shade for me as I always preferred pink. The shade is not so bright it self which makes it suitable for all skin tone. I don’t mind low staying capacity if the color is very pretty.
This is how it looks on my lips:
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Have you tried this?Then please share your experience.

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Avon Nail Pro Nail Enamel In Velvet Red(product review)

These days I am really not in a mood to write long post as I am feeling very tired after attending so many boring guests. So I am going to share my favorite nail paint shades with you all.

Today I am sharing my all time favorite shades from Avon: Avon matte finish velvet red.I am some one who falls in love with some nail paint shades & make vows to myself that i will keep buying it again & again.This shade is one them.

Here are the images:In single swipe
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I never found such pretty red & that too in matte finish. I love it.

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I like the quality of Avon nail paints coz they stay around 4 days & comes with a good brush applicator & most importantly I could rarely find such unique shades.

In 2-3 swipes:

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Have you tried this ?Then please share your experience.

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Sunday, 18 November 2012

5 Best Moisturizers For Oily Skin In Winters

Wintertime can be hard on the skin. Cold weather, wind, and dry indoor air can suck moisture from your skin. Add in the use of drying acne fighting products and medications, and you have a recipe for uncomfortable dryness, flaking, and peeling.

I had a reader’s query about this issue .So here I am doing a post as per my experience coz I also have oily skin & I have to change my skin care regime during winters.

1. Change Your Cleanser
While it may have been a great choice during the summer months, your cleanser may not be working for you now that the cold weather has set in. If you feel tight and dry after cleansing, you probably need to switch to a milder cleanser.
Cleansers containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can be particularly drying, especially if you are using them in conjunction with other acne treatment products. Instead, try using a gentle foaming cleanser or bar, such as Dove or Neutrogena. You can always go back to an acne-fighting cleanser once the weather warms and your skin doesn't feel as dry.
2. Don't Be Afraid to Moisturize
Regular use of a moisturizer is important, even for those with acne. Remember, nearly all acne treatment products dry the skin to some extent. To avoid flaking and peeling skin, moisturizer is a must even if you have oily skin like me.
Here I am suggesting 5 moisturizers for oily skin that I have tried & they never broke me out & reviewed by me (click on the link to read review)
My recent love Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel
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The Body shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade lotion (it’s a night lotion & very helpful for oily skin)
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Almond oil(this oil is a all-rounder ,I have used it as a moisturizer when I ended up with my conventional moisturizer & it helped me without breaking me out, right now I am using it as my under eye cream)
Neutrogena Fine Fairness Lotion & Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cream(I have tried both of them, but I always prefer to use the products specifically made for my skin type .So I think Neutrogena fine fairness lotion is great for oily to combination skin in all seasons)
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Olay white radiance protective lotion (I have not used it for long but in one week it never broke me out & moisturized my skin very well)
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 For moisturizing your skin you don't have to slather on a thick, greasy product. Instead, choose a moisturizing gel or lotion. They are lighter than products labeled moisturizing cream.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Blush In Rose Berry(product review)

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I am a pink girl. I mean like most of the girls I always love anything & everything pink. So I picked this pink blush from Revlon color stay range in shade "roseberry 030".

Price: 900 INR for 1.13 g

My experience: I am not the one who wears make up daily. I prefer makeup only in some parties & that too natural so I think this blush is perfect for such need.

It gives soft & natural look. It has light shimmer in it which is not loud & noticeable.Here are the swatches:

be beautiful with punam

It’s a powder blush so it easily blends in to my skin. It never broke me out though I have oily skin.

be beautiful with punam

Color is well pigmented in few swipes only & can be built as per need. Even in one swipe it gives lovely pink toned glow to my cheeks.

Shade selection is okay Tokay. From this range 2 more blush shades are available i.e. honey & petal & there are two bronzer from this range- golden bronze & deep bronze .

be beautiful with punam
It comes with a brush applicator which is not very good in quality but okay as per casing. I mean obviously they can’t give a proper blush brush with such tiny packaging. I liked the packaging coz it’s easy to carry.
Coming to the most important thing, that is stay – its stay is around 5-6 hours which is decent enough, though they claim 16 hour stay but I couldn’t see that.

Over all I liked this blush coz of its shade & good enough staying capacity. But I think it’s over priced.

Have you tried this blush? Then do share your experience with me.

Keep smiling & be beautiful with me J

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothening Shampoo(product review)

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I have very thin & oily hair & there ends do get frizzy .So I tried this shampoo when my bro suggested me use it. I was not sure coz I thought it may suit dry hair only but then too I gave a try.

Price: 199 INR for 200ml

It’s a transparent shampoo neither too thick nor too runny. It comes with a flip flop cap easy to use & cap is quite tight so easy to carry while travelling.

be beautiful with punam

This shampoo gave good results with soft /normal water.
For the first time when I used it at my mommy’s place I was mad about it coz my hair was perfectly clean & had good bounce. My hair had less frizzy ends & manageable for whole day.

I was just looking at my hair only but when I came back at my place then I had slightly different experience .It does clean my hair even when I had oil on them but there was no bounce in them.I have tried it when i had no oil in my hair then too my eperience was same.

Reason for this slight difference was water. This happens with all my shampoos, they behave differently with different water; here I have hard water so my hair behaves differently. So, not the fault of this shampoo, it’s doing well.

Over all it does help my hair to be manageable & clean them nicely, will give bounce when i will go to my mommy;s place :). And if you have soft water it will be great for all hair type.It's paraben free, which is really a good point to consider this shampoo.

Have you tried this? Then please share your experience.

Keep smiling & be beautiful with meJ

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Friday, 9 November 2012

Olay White Radiance Protective Lotion (product review)

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 This lotion is being used by mom & last week I was at her place so I gave it a try for one week but I couldn’t notice same results which are being seen by my mom. So here is the review as per my mom’s experience.

Price: 1199 INR for 75 ml

be beautiful with punam

Experience: When I went at my moms place I could see a lovely glow on her face & then she revealed her secret of this lotion. This lotion has a cream like consistency & not runny at all. It spreads easily on face & never left greasiness.

be beautiful with punam

On first application I could feel soft & supple skin with slight glow on my skin .In one week it never broke me out though I have oily skin.

This lotion claims to reduce dark spot but my mom doesn’t have any, so I can’t say about it. But she is using this lotion from quite a long time & she says it’s good for all seasons & especially for winters. It keeps her dry skin moisturized for a long time & she never felt stretchy on her skin. Moreover it improves the texture of her skin.

It also claims for fairness & all, but I can’t judge that but yes it brings brightness on skin & gives amazing glow to my moms face.
Being so nourishing & moisturizing it proves to be a good anti aging product. For her it’s a Holy Grail product & its serving all her need.

So I think it’s a good protective lotion with spf 24 pa, it also have vitamin b3 which is probably a reason to give such glow.

My mom is going to buy it again,i know its bit expensive but it's going to last long.

Have you tried this? Then please share your experience.
Keep smiling & be beautiful with punamJ

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Coloressence Midnight Blue Nail Enamel(product review)

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So we are ready to say bye bye to hot sunny summers & welcoming cool & cozy winters. With winters we can always try dark & bright shades. So, I tried a bright blue shade. Here are some images of the inky royal blue shade from color essence.
be beautiful with punam

I loved the shade .Its bright & catchy .I know its not the shade which every one will like but I think it will look nice on every one .So , nothing wrong in giving a try to some new shades other than regular pinks& browns. What do you say?
be beautiful with punam

I loved this navy blue or I should say ultramarine blue .Its matte in finish. I liked the texture of this nail polish coz it’s not very thick & spreads easily over nails.It's stay is of around 3-4 days.
Have You Tried This? Then Please Share Your Experience.
Keep smiling & be beautiful with me :)

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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Home Made Talcum Powder (Baby Skin Care)

Image Source: google images

Babies have very soft & delicate skin. I always want to protect my baby from everything bad in this world & everything that is harsh for her skin.I know it’s quite difficult to do this but I am trying as much as I can & I started this by using natural, home made & organic products for her skin.

Little babies are most of the time in diaper & every time I change my baby’s diaper I need to apply some talc, so I decided to use home made talc, which is fragrant as well.Coz talc is the only product used very frequently on babies & I heard a lot about harms of talc.

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Baking Soda
Lemon grass essential oil

I take baking soda & add few drops of lemon grass essential oil in it .It is still in powder form even with essential oil added, so you can easily use it.

Put it in jar or old talcum bottle or baby’s puff box & dab it whenever you need. It worked well but for a short while & I had to reply it, but that’s fine with babies as I have to reapply talc every time I change her diaper , when i am dressing the baby after bath & when taking her on walk.

It didn’t work for long on underarms when my baby is perspiring a lot (coz she runs a lot) & it also leave some stains on her dark clothes. I also tried this on my under arms & it worked quite well till evening, which is not bad but not on those days when I am perspiring a lot.

Why baking soda:

It will help in keeping skin dry & itch free
Baking soda absorbs both moisture & smell.

However, I have noticed it didn’t work for long on underarms when my baby is perspiring a lot & it also leave some stains on her dark clothes. It was slightly rough for skin & due to this reason I tried one more DIY/home made talc that I will share with you all soon.

Have you tried this? Then please share your experience.
Keep smiling & be beautiful with punam:)

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