Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash

I have been using this scrub on & off .And I was not satisfied with it earlier, that's why discontinued with it. But now I am back to this .So, let me tell you my experience with this.

Price 595 INR for 100 ML.


The main ingredient is tea tree as what the packaging says. Tea tree is known for its benefits to skin.
Tea tree oil is an essential oil distilled from the leaves of the melaluca plant. Tea tree extract is active against bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections. It’s used to aid in healing acne, burns, cold sores, dandruff, herpes, insect bites, oily skin, rashes, and warts.

My Experience:

I'll start with its smell which is quite soft & very natural with a little hint of mint, which is really soothing.
I have used other products from the tea tree range of the body shop & all the products smell like this. As you can see in the picture its color is also very natural, lovely green.
 As I said initially I was not satisfied & felt its totally useless coz I end up using it too much to feel like I have exfoliate my skin as it has very less granules rather very very less.

But it takes time to see a good effect. And gradually I saw its good, its working on some blackheads but on soft & new blackheads not so good for my deep stubborn blackheads.
 Its good for daily use coz it has very less granules & they are not harsh at all. I think it's good to get rid of dry skin instead of getting rid of blackheads.
It leaves my skin with a slight tingle, feeling fresh, clean and bright. I still follow-up with my everyday moisturizer, as its 3-4 degree here, but I think in the summer I’ll just be able to use this scrub and go!  I never had any breakout while using this.

In the end I would say it's worth a try as there isn’t any huge con with this scrub. Good if one have few & soft blackheads. It's not harsh to your skin & gives smooth bright skin. Good for winters as doesn’t dry my skin.

Have You Tried This ,then let me know your experience...
Keep Smilimg & be beautiful with me :)

Friday, 27 January 2012

Almond Oil As A Moisturizer (Tip of the day)

These days I am using almond oil as a moisturizer with little vitamin-e tablet gel in it & it's really doing very well on my acne prone oily skin. It never breaks me out, making my skin soft after every use & above all no chemicals in it. I can wear my makeup on it .  It is light weight, not leaving a greasy feeling.

Almond oil as a moisturizer is very good because almond oil is rich in vitamins & minerals like fatty acid, glycosides etc. & being an emollient it help skin balance its loss of moisture with its absorption of moisture.The work of almond oil is by producing right amount of moisture that is considered as the safest anti aging solution as well.

Vitamin -e is an excellent anti oxidant and also helps in dimnishing dark spots. 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Foaming Cleanser(product review)

I have an oily skin but in winters my skin feels dry & my earlier face wash was making my skin dry & stretched. And I got this foaming cleanser with my Olay natural white night cream. So, I thought of giving a try to this foaming cleanser.
Though I was not expecting to be fairer, I just wanted clearer skin & something to bring glow on my skin as it was bit dull due to dryness .;(


My experience:
I never felt too dry or stretched even after hours using this, though I do follow it with moisturizer but if I got bit late in applying moisturizer I dint feel stretched. It does make my face look bright & clear. Doing a good job as a cleanser but I was expecting some more after listening so much about its anti aging range.
Ok, it does brighten my face but doesn’t bring any fairness as what it claims. And after a week I could see 1 or 2 new pimples on my face. Aww my biggest enemy!  After using it for two weeks I stopped using it & there was no new pimple so this can be a reason for my pimples. But I am back to this & using it once in a day before applying my Olay night cream coz I liked that little brightness it brought.
Packaging is ok. As it comes in a tube form with a flap that never leaks, makes it travel friendly.
I would say it's worth trying.

Keep Smiling & be beautiful with me :)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Honey For Soft & Shiny Hair

Last weekend I ended up with my conditioner & couldn’t decide which one to buy, till that time I tried something quick & easy at home to make my hair soft & shiny.
And these days honey is my favorite ingredient it may be for beauty or health.

Simply mix 2-3 table spoon full of honey with 3 -4 table spoon of water (you can vary this as per the length of your hair & may need to mix more water to make it easy to apply).Now apply this to your hair from the roots to end & leave it for at least 10-15 minutes, then rinse with your shampoo. You can easily rinse it without leaving any stickiness behind & get soft & shiny hair without any conditioner. I some where read honey helps in preventing hair loss as well, obviously with regular us.

How I wish I could show you before & after picture, coz the difference was very visible.Sorry for that :( 
But honestly it works & made my hair soft, shiny & they were very manageable till the next day with a less frizzy ends.

Have you tried this then please share your experience.
Keep smiling & be beautiful with me :)

Easy Exercise At Work

In this of busy work schedule, social life  plus family commitments , diets and fitness plans just don’t seem to fit in as there is a deficiency of time for maintaining our health & fitness especially for working people. So, here are some excellent exercises for being healthy while working and sitting in office. So enjoy your work n be healthy:

Cat Stretch: Bring your hands on knees, keeping your feet flat on the floor. Inhale & arch your back looking towards the ceiling & while exhaling round the spine & drop your head forward. Repeat this 4-5 times before taking your lunch. It helps to get rid of a stiff painful back.
Image Source:Google

To reduce headache & stress: stretch your upper back & neck, extend your head & upper body as much as you can, hold it for a while keeping your feet flat on the floor. Be cautious that you don’t hurt your shoulders & wrist, if it then just do the move without twist.It can also mean reduced muscle tension & improved flexiblity.
Image Source:Google

For relaxing your feet: try ankle circle
Very commonly used & most of us do it. Keeping your upper body & arms relaxed,then just draw circles with toes holding your feet slightly off the ground.

Stand up!
I mean standing at your desk is the simplest move that most any office worker can do. Studies show that you burn 63 calories an hour by sitting at your desk, whereas standing can burn as many as 127 calories an hour; that’s twice as much.

Walk as much as you can. If you are taking a long phone call walk & talk (what an idea sirji) remember idea's addJ

 Last but not the least: Most of my friends complaint about there heavy waist & obviously sitting continuously is a main reason for this. So try these two simple exercise
 Oblique Variation: To reduce your oblique(the abs on the side of the torso) a little more simply tilt your torso slightly to the right and hold that position for 30 seconds. Then, of course, reverse the action by tilting to the left so you can keep even.

Waist movements to thin down: by spraining your waist gradually when sitting on a chair, try and make a spraining circle big, move slowly, and draw back your stomach all the time when doing the circle. You can approach flatten stomach & slim waist with the help of this office exercises to lose weight.

Keep smiling& be beautiful with me :)

Monday, 16 January 2012

Banana For Cracked Heels(Tip of the day)

My mom is a regular watcher of a TV programs & one of them is sanjeevani based on ayurvedic tips for health & fitness, once I also joined her. I don’t remember which channel telecast this program but I got some good knowledge about skin & skin care & an easy tip from this program for cracked heels:

Apply Mashed Banana on your cracked heels & leave this for 15 -20 minutes. According to them you can see the difference in 4-5 days only but my mom says it takes at least 15-20 days to see a good result.

I never tried this but I think it can work coz banana is enriched with many vitamins.
Banana contains a number of antioxidants and minerals that can help the skin restore itself naturally. It also includes potassium and minerals that help to keep the skin looking soft, supple and healthy. 

Have You Tried this, then share your experience.

Keep Smiling & be beautiful with me :)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Lakme Nine To Five Dual Action Make Up Remover (product review)

To keep your skin healthy it’s very important to remove all the dirt & layers of makeup products we apply. Since I have started taking care of such things my skin is actually improving.
Here I am reviewing one of the must haves for every one i.e.Lakme Nine to Five Dual Action Make up Remover

Price 295 for 120 ml
It’s really a good make up remover as it absolutely removes all type of make up like foundation, compact, lipsticks & eye liners, kohl’s etc. So it stands true on all it claims, here is the company’s claim:
This twin phase make up remover has a unique formulation that gently but thoroughly removes all kind of make up including long wearing makeup.

Here is the image I am showing of products I generally use & how perfectly it wipes them out.

From left to right the products are ; Mac smolder eye kohl, Revlon vivid & smooth in voilet pearl , lakme 9 to 5 intense shine liquid eye liner in olive, faces sky blue eye pencil ,lakme glide on eye pencil in smokey green, lakme nine to five long stay garnet spray lipstick, Revlon shiny sheers lip color.

This is how it cleans everything in 4-5 wipes leaving bit slippery skin that you can see in the form of shine.

I simply shake the bottle & take it on a cotton ball or any tissue to wipe out my make up & wash off my face as its been instructed to wash your face .Here is the direction to use (by lakme);

1. Shake well. 2. Saturate cotton pad & gently sweep over closed eyelids, lip& face area. 3. Rinse with cool water.

Most of the ingredients have moisturizing properties probably that is the reason it makes my face bit slippery like I have applied oil with water & coz of this its important to wash your face after using this , though at times I dint wash my face but it never breaks me out, nor it irritate my eyes.

So overall it’s a very good makeup remover that removes all type of make up even long lasting makeup products in 4-5 wipes only & hardly has any cons , easy to use with spray & easy to carry as it never leaks.

Keep smiling & be beautiful with me :)